Mental Health Apps – Do they Work?


There are numerous and many different types of mobile applications out there. During the recent pandemic and associated lockdowns and movement restrictions, many individuals found themselves having to stay in one place.

Extended periods of lockdown did have a major impact on the mental health and wellbeing of individuals across the world. This coupled with plenty of free time, led to a boom in mental health and wellbeing apps across the duration of the pandemic.

According to some reports, mental health and wellbeing apps saw a 200% growth during the periods of lockdown and were regularly on the lists of the most downloaded mobile apps in popular app stores.

There are many different types of mental health and wellbeing apps out there.

Meditation mobile apps are very popular. There are apps that teach you about the origins of meditation and then there are mobile apps that teach meditation across different levels and types. There are even mobile apps that will teach you how to teach meditation to others as well.

Important Content

These mobile apps use a combination of theory and practice with videos, tutorials, lectures and periodic reviews or examinations depending on the requirement.

Advances in Android app development have also made it easier for mobile smartphone users to leverage the power of mental health and wellbeing mobile applications.

Yoga apps also saw a huge expansion as the world reached out to practice and consider other hobbies and wellbeing practices and activities.

Today you can use a mobile app to follow a yoga programme or even attend a live retreat held in a virtual world. The benefits of yoga are easy to showcase in a mobile app, alongside plenty of visual examples of the many different yoga poses and styles.

The question if mobile apps do help to improve mental health and wellbeing? can only be answered with certain conditions. Recent developments in AR iPad app development also make these types of mobile apps much more accessible to a wider segment of users.

Positive Outcomes

Certain individuals have found life changing experiences using mobile apps that even help you to manage your day with friendly reminders to take breaks or nudge users to complete certain tasks or daily goal related activities.

Others have found that they have seen minor improvements in their mood and lifestyle that have had a positive impact on their general outlook. It’s impossible to deny the benefit of such mobile apps in improving the lives of humans and those in society.

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So mental health and similar mobile apps do have positive results and can be credited with improving, uplifting and enhancing the mental health outlook for millions of users across the world.

The quest for a balanced approach to mental health is greatly enhanced by the support of the workplace and employers who are supportive of the importance of balanced mental health.


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