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Contacting Customer Service? Here’s How To Get What You Need Like A Pro


Contacting customer support is perhaps one of the nuisances that no one wants to go through. But for some reason, unfortunate events compel you to contact them, relay your issue and wait for them to get sorted. That’s the traditional way right?

But there are actually some tips that you can follow to get everything you expect from customer support without letting it get to your head. We’re covering some of these tips that you can use to manipulate customer care into offering personalized solutions as per your needs. So without further ado, let’s get started:

Calling the Right Time

Most customers feel the itch to contact customer support even for minute issues. However, before you even do, ask yourself whether there’s the urge to call or whether it can be resolved via email or a text.

The reason behind this is the extreme time customers tend to wait before connecting to a representative. For instance, you’re a customer of AT&T, one of the most reputed internet companies in the US.

Upon facing an issue, you can simply contact via AT&T phone number and get things sorted. Easy right? However, AT&T offers live chat options too that you can use. What is the only reason you’re calling is to know about their latest packages?

If that’s the reason, then you can probably ask the question on live chat while scrolling through their site. In this manner, you won’t have to wait for any representative to attend your call and chat will surely answer your query in no time.

Be Prepared But Be Nice

Remember, the only reason why companies have customer support is that they don’t want clients to face the hassles of poor services. However, it doesn’t give you the liberty to yell at them or misbehave. It’ll only worsen the communication and probably earn you the title of an arrogant and illiterate customer that everyone wants to avoid.

In addition to this, there may come a time when you’re not excepting a call-back from support or even for the representative to connect to you soon. However, when this happens, ensure that you’re well-prepared to relay your issue to the team.

This is important since not being prepared or unable to convey information to the representative is one of the reasons why issues remain unsolved. It’s better that you prepare some notes for this especially if there’s a delay in contacting customer support.

DIY The Most Common Issues

Its often not recommended that you resolve your issues on your own. However, fixing some of the issues will remove the need to contact support in the first place. For instance, if you’re trying to call support for your internet issues, then try running the following DIY fixes:

  • Reboot your internet modem or router
  • Restart your device
  • Reconnect your devices with the internet device
  • Change the position of your internet device

Running these fixes will surely help resolve the issue and you probably won’t be needing to contact support in the first place.

Escalating The Matter The Right Way

If you think reaching out to the company’s CEO or manager will get things sorted for you, then it’s time to wake up from this dream! One of the many reasons why issues of most people aren’t resolved is because they act like Karens and try to reach the manager or any other higher management personnel.

However, if you can only be courteous enough to talk to the representative that you’ve just contacted, it’ll make things a lot easier for you. Writing down notes, conveying the issues properly, and then patiently waiting for the issue to get resolved is the best idea that works.

But there comes a time when a person loses his patience, unable to get a solution for the problem he’s facing. On the other hand, the support isn’t able to resolve the problem which in turn frustrates the customer even further.

In which case, you should surely reach out to the higher management of the company. In doing so, you can also reach out to social media profiles and listing profiles of the said brand. This will engage the need for protecting the positive image of the brand.

Ultimately, your issue will be highlighted soon and resolved for good. In case, the issue persists and the brand isn’t able to offer satisfactory assistance, you can escalate the matter further by contacting governmental institutes that regulate such companies. However, things won’t go that far, let’s hope not.

Using Different Means for Communication

We’ve mentioned how contacting support via phone call can be a hassle for many. There are times when phone numbers remain busy or representatives aren’t available, even with 24/7 services. That is why you should consider two things in the matter:

  • Either keep contacting support via the phone number
  • Use different methods and see if it works out for you

Different methods of communicating with support include live chats, chatbots, emails, social media profiles, etc. Using these methods will surely help you connect with customer support and get the solutions you’re looking for.

Again, make sure that you’re ready with notes to relay as well as avail different solutions as needed.

Closing Notes

Contacting customer support and getting your issue resolved seems easier. However, not everyone’s lucky enough to get their issue highlighted and resolved in no time, which is why we’ve prepared this list to help you through the process. Keep these methods in mind and you’ll surely get it your way.


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