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Tips to buy floor wiper

It is said that cleanliness is a state of purity, clarity, and precision. It changes a person from various perspectives. Cleanliness plays an important role in keeping one mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy and happy. In a world, where human beings have been attacked several times by viruses, we need to take extra care of our hygiene.

The art of keeping one’s environment clean begins from his dwelling place, his home. The most important part of maintaining cleanliness in your house is, mopping the floor.

Now, as easy as it might sound, mopping the floor isn’t that easy! It is not only about the process, but also the material you’re using to mop your floor. The Floor Wiper is a convenient object to wipe the floor, especially for the people of this time and generation. Let us have a look at some basics that one should keep in mind while purchasing it.

Mops have made their existence long ago, but with time and years, it has changed and evolved more. From being an old-school stick to a rag contraption it’s been a growing journey.

There are various kinds of mops, like, Flat mops, spray mops, sponge mops, and spring mops. Though they might have similar kinds of names, they’re very much different from each other.

Flat mop: These come with a rectangular and sometimes circular head and are flat. Due to its flat feature, it reaches the corner very easily. The cloths attached to it are generally reusable and are made up of a mixture of microfibre, polyester, and nylon. This makes it easier to produce static to attract and hold onto grime. But, the only time these flat mops can’t be of great use is when one needs to remove stubborn marks.

Spray mop: Spray mop is very much similar to flat mops, but the only thing that makes it different is its spraying feature. Spray mops have a spray mechanism on the handle. These kinds of mops don’t need a bucket, due to their in-built feature of carrying water.

It is very convenient to store, and the microfiber heads are washable. Also, the tank that releases the water has its bacteria-killing spray inside; hence you don’t even need to use a detergent in case of that.

Sponge mop: These mops easily absorb any liquid-based thing due to the highly absorbent feature of the head. It also squeezes out the most amount of water before you wipe, so that it doesn’t leave any water residue on the floor, and leaves it clean and dry. Though its sponge is reusable, still you should change it once in a while so that it doesn’t start smelling because of the bacteria.

Traditional mop: These mops are also known as string mops. Due to its cotton fibers, it’s considered to be great at cleaning. These fibers are durable. Sometimes these mops come with a bucket, and sometimes not.

These were the types of mops. Now choose according to your floor type. You also need to go with a mop, that doesn’t take extra place at your home. Check if the handle has an adjustable system according to the person’s height or not. That’s it! Hope this has helped you.


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