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Good morning sayings for morning grouches and early risers

Even if everyone agrees that a bright sunrise is nice to look at, spirits and tempers differ in the morning and you can see that in good morning sayings.

Whether you are a lark or an owl and jump out of bed early on or curse the alarm clock is genetically determined and can only be influenced to a limited extent.

And of course, it makes a difference when choosing a good morning saying whether your partner or teenage daughter is a morning grouch or a morning person.

Don’t you agree that the news at the beginning of the day is always something special?

This is easy to understand because anyone who wishes us a good start to the day in one way or another shows us that we mean a lot to him or her.

And aren’t the handwritten notes or the decorated WhatsApp messages early in the morning always a nice surprise that makes us smile?

So the next time you wake up and think about a friend, your sister or even your mum, let them know with a suitable saying about the family.

In this post, you will find beautiful and funny good morning sayings for every occasion.

Loving good morning sayings in rhymes for lovers

Not just a picture, but also a short message says more than a thousand words when sent in the morning.

Anything is suitable as a good morning saying – from proverbs, quotes, and wisdom, loving and funny messages to rhymes and poems.

Love Quotes – Here are simple and easy rhymes to send to wish you a wonderful day.

1. “I don’t want to disturb you at an early hour,
maybe you’d still be happy to hear from me!
I just want to take a risk:
To say good morning to you sincerely!”

2. “A kiss comes flying in the morning,
it takes away your sorrow and worry.
Lift it all-day
because it says I like you!”

3. “The day begins, the sun is shining
and even if the sky cries,
then think of me and believe me
I’ll send the sun to you quickly.”

4. “Early in the morning, when your phone beeps,
is someone glad you exist
and with love, kind regards,
sweeten your whole day!”

5. “A morning greeting through space and time,
I’ll send you, it’s time.
Have a nice day,
who may bring you good luck.”

6. “A beautiful good morning,
a day without worries
that the work today always succeeds
and bring the end of the day early.
That the colleagues are only friendly
in the daily routine.
That’s why I thought to myself
let this be meant as a small greeting.” – Stefan Pretsch

7. “I dreamed about you last night
and wish you were here with me now!
I love the night more than the day
because I like the dreams with you.”

8. “Open your eyes, experience the time,
a beautiful morning awaits you.
And someone who likes you
wish you a wonderful day!”

9. “Gone is the long black night,
the eyes are opened.
the sun shines on your nose,
Good morning, you sweet bunny!”

10. “When you rise from the feathers,
rub the sleep out of your eyes
you know right away, it’s going to be a beautiful day
because there is a person who really likes you.”

11. “Good morning my dear darling,
please make room in your bed.
I snuggle up close to you
so cozy and warm, that’s how I like you.”

12. “I don’t want to disturb you at an early hour,
maybe you’re still happy to hear from me!
I just want to take a risk:
to say good morning to you sincerely!”

13. “This is a kiss at dawn,
it wakes you up, and you’ll be amazed.
He caresses your beautiful face
so you can laugh in the morning light!”

14. “Good morning sunshine,
let the warmth into your heart.
Many rays of sunshine tickle you,
one very special, that’s me.”

15. “Just woke up,
I immediately thought of you!
That’s why I’m writing you good morning now,
that drives away sorrow and worry!”

16. “Good morning dear sunshine,
let the warmth in the morning.
Smile at work and remember
that no one can hold a candle to you.”

17. “You have awakened from the deepest sleep,
But this night was much too short.
Get away from your worries
I wish you a good morning!”

18. “Early in the morning, when your phone beeps,
Is someone glad you exist?
and I want to send my best regards
Sweeten your whole day!”

19. “This is a kiss at dawn,
it wakes you up, and you’ll be amazed.
He caresses your beautiful face
so you can laugh in the morning light!”

20. “You slept soundly,
as I wrote these lines.
But now you woke up and read:
I love you so much!”

Funny good morning sayings for morning grouches

The early bird catches the worm; The early bird catches the worm; if you want to go far, you have to get up early and other similar proverbs and sayings make the so-called owls, who are extremely reluctant and difficult to get up early, look bad.

Wrongly, because not being a cheerful morning person has nothing to do with a lack of good intentions and willpower. What kind of sayings would you hear in the morning if a room or place was full of morning grouches?

With the following selection, you can answer this question quite well.

The humor of people who wish a good morning just out of politeness, but usually don’t like morning as a time of day, ranges from funny to ironic to biting.

Good morning sayings funny – If you know such late risers or are one of them yourself, the following sayings are much more suitable than the usual motivating ones to elicit a smile for the new day or rather a morning.

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It may be a suitable saying for you is hiding right there.

1. “The most beautiful sentence with which you can be woken up: You can stay in bed, I’ll bring you coffee in bed.”

2. “The only thing running here today is the coffee maker.”

3. “Why is the bed so much more comfortable at 7 a.m. than at 9 p.m.?”

4. “Before the first coffee of the day, I’m like an oversized three-year-old in the middle of a tantrum.”

5. “Have a nice Thursday morning. – But it’s Monday?! – Oh yeah, then just leave me alone until the week is over.”

6. “Today is one of those days when even my coffee needs a coffee first.”

7. “A yawn is a silent cry for coffee.”

8. “The early morning catches the worm, but those who sleep late also stay healthy.”

9. “If I didn’t have to get up in the morning, the time of day wouldn’t be so bad.”

10. “Just don’t stress early in the morning. It will come later all by itself.”

11. “My body and my wake-up time just aren’t compatible.”

12. “You know that feeling of waking up after a good night’s sleep and looking forward to the day ahead? Me neither.”

13. “Most mornings I ask myself two questions: Where am I? Why so early?”

14. “Getting up early is the first step in the wrong direction.”

15. “My biggest goal for the morning is not to fall asleep at my desk.”

16. “I don’t care what day of the week it is. If it’s still dark outside, it’s too early for me.”

17. “I’m one “Isn’t this a beautiful morning?” down the office hallway from being terminated without notice!”

18. “Every morning the sun rises. I would also like to have the motivation.”

19. “I like irony, but people who smile right after waking up – that’s overkill.”

20. “One more time someone wishes me good morning, I’ll grab my unicorn and run away from these crazy people.”

21. “A good morning doesn’t start with a green spinach smoothie, but with two cups of coffee.”

22. “Of course I’m motivated, in a good mood, and enjoying the day. Just not in the morning.”

23. “Coffee added successfully. Body.exe can now be started. Error! Needs more caffeine to start.”

24. “The saying goes: going to bed early and getting up early makes you healthy, rich, and smart. Nobody says that getting up early also makes you very, very tired.”

25. “The early bird should leave me alone or I’ll chase the cat after him.”

26. “Even morning grouches are too friendly for me before 9 a.m.”

27. “The alarm clock and I are having a duel tomorrow that I have never won before.”

28. “Those who get up early and have no business either have a bad wife, a bad bed, or a guilty conscience.” – From Scotland

29. “For squares, getting up early is a virtue; maybe even the only one during the whole day.” – Walter Ludin (*1945)

30. “Anyone who is considered an early riser can be in bed by noon.” – Jewish proverb

31. “Anyone who goes to bed late and has to get up early knows where the word dawn comes from.” – Robert Lembke (1913-1989)

32. “You get up so early (in the country) because you have so much to do, and you go to bed so early because you have nothing to think about.” – Oscar Wilde (1854 – 1900), Irish writer

33. “I thought of a way to stay in a good mood throughout the day. Read the obituaries in the newspaper every morning. And if you can’t find your name; well, rejoice then.” – Manfred Schröder (*1938)

34. “I usually have enough strength to go to bed, but rarely to get up.” – Gerrit Donat

35. “There should be a nicer way to start the day than getting up.”

Motivating and beautiful good morning sayings for early risers

Good morning greetings with quotes from well-known or influential people convinced of the benefits of getting up early – what could be nicer with good morning coffee for the so-called larks?

A good mood early in the morning is enviable for most people.

Maybe you send your mother a poetic good morning greeting early on Mother’s Day or your partner who is traveling beautifully written verses, or witty thoughts?

Some of the following quotes are also suitable as WhatsApp sayings. Above all, they can encourage people to keep an eye on the positive aspects of getting up early.

1. “A drop of morning dew flashes
in the ray of sunlight;
a tag can be a pearl
and a century nothing.”
– Gottfried Keller (1819 – 1890), Swiss writer

2. “Fresh morning! New heart!
skyward! stop sleeping now
leave your worries behind!”
Joseph von Eichendorff (1788 – 1857)

3. “When you wake up in the morning, reflect on what a precious treasure it is to live, breathe, and rejoice.” – Marcus Aurelius (121 – 180)

4. “Among the delicious joys of bachelor life every man counts the independence of getting up.” – Honoré de Balzac (1799 – 1850)

5. “Getting up three times in the morning makes a whole day.” – Chinese proverb

6. “But the time of adulthood is also beautiful if only we are not awakened at the wrong time.” – Friedrich Hölderlin (1770 – 1843)

7. “What good is all the sunrise if we don’t get up?” – Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742 – 1799)

8. “Those who get up late have to be on the go all day and do their business well into the night.” – Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790)

9. “The evening is never nicer to me than when I’m content with my morning.” – Denis Diderot (1713 – 1784)

10. “Beautiful days are praised in the evening, beautiful women in the morning.” – Ovid (43 BC – 17 AD)

11. “Morning to the sweetheart
Good morning dear sun, you are the light of my day
Good morning dear sun, you break through the gray of my life
Good morning dear sun that penetrates through everyday cold
Good morning, dear sun, you bring your warmth into my soul”
– Stefan Pretsch

12. “Good morning

Good morning sayings

The night is gone now
With her starlight
The glitter has faded
The day breaks in

The world is still hidden
In the veil gray in gray
But soon the morning wakes up
In a gentle dew

The birds sing songs
Tune in to the morning
The sun will soon shine again
The day breaks in

The rest is over now
greet the new day
It’s in your hands
How he may well become”
– Diana Denk (*1975), author

13. “A beautiful good morning,
a day without worries
that the work today always succeeds
and bring the end of the day early.
That the colleagues are only friendly
in the daily routine.
That’s why I thought to myself
let this be meant as a small greeting.” – Stefan Pretsch

14. “A good morning forgives even a bad eve.” – Michael Marie Young

15. “May the first good word you speak in the morning be a bridge into the young day.” – Old Irish blessing Irish blessings inspire and give strength for a good start to the nine days!

16. “If a friendly face greets you in the morning, a kind word, a loving service, it will sunbathe your heart for the whole day.” – Karl Immermann (1796 – 1840)

17. “The gospel is a morning gospel and wants us to get up.” – Martin Luther (1483 – 1546)

18. “If you want to see the sunrise, you have to get up in the dark.”

19. “To lie down in bed cures half of all diseases, and to get up half cures.”

20. “Getting up every day, standing on your own two feet.
Standing in life every day, re-existing the old.
Stand up for others and stand up for yourself every day.
Understand every day that God is behind everything.
Rising to new life every day.
New every day.” – Petrus Ceelen (*1943)

21. “Waking up in the morning is exciting because you are a part of my life. You are the light of my life and the sun in my sky.”

22. “The stillness of the morning hours is often much greater than that of the evening, especially as in a city where life hurries on far into the night, and the morning hours before sunrise are comparatively quieter, that is when one is safest from disturbances.

No one thinks of visiting the other before sunrise and quite a long time afterward. – Carmen Sylva (1843 – 1916)

23. “Early in the morning

Good morning sayings

Early in the morning when the day begins
don’t you know what it starts with
are the hours kind to you
something comes up – quite unexpectedly.

the sun shines brightly in your room,
you stick your head out of the window
make the coffee, like always,
and feel comfortable in your house.

Then you marvel at your garden,
forgets the time and also the space,
Housework, she can wait
you are sitting comfortably by the apple tree.

This day seems to be good
there is not a cloud in the sky,
you get up, without complaints,
think: This world is beautiful!”
– Horst Rehmann (*1943)

24. “I love the smell of opportunity in the morning.”

25. “Go to bed early and get up early,
Creates wealth, wisdom, prosperity.”

26. “Never lose a chance to have a great day by carrying on the previous day’s grudges. Morning is good when you decide to let go of the past.”

27. “Waking up in the morning is one of life’s most beautiful moments, it’s like a freshly loaded gun aimed at targets. I wish you a good morning by aiming correctly.”

28. “Be kind until ten in the morning and the rest of the day will take care of itself.”

29. “If you wake up grateful every morning, happiness comes from within yourself.”

30. “The morning is perfect for enjoying the world. You see it as it’s supposed to be – peaceful, calm, and the birds are singing.”

Final Thoughts

A favorite person always gets attention such as beautiful good morning sayings, love sayings and poems, heart sayings, and of course also benevolent thoughts for a good night.

Did you ask yourself this morning which thoughts and messages can help to start the day well or which rhymes you can use to wish your loved ones a nice day, then this article will help you?

Here you will find verses for lovers and poetry fans, humorous sayings for morning grouches, and motivating quotes for those who have to get up early or like to do it.

Receiving a warm greeting in the morning is a special sign of attention and support.

While you’re there, take a look at Sunshine Quotes and Sunset Sayings and get tempted.

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