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Desert Safari Dubai Top 10 Things

1. See the first ray of sunlight.

See the first rays of the sun coming up over the Desert Safari from Dubai and enjoy their beauty. The beautiful and peaceful view will steal your heart and make you love nature again. You can take a picture of this amazing scene to remember it forever.

2. Enjoy a bumpy Camel ride

The greatest way to observe animals in Dubai’s desert is on a camel ride, including the morning desert safari. You can watch the falcon show while riding on the back of a camel for 45 minutes to an hour. One of the best touristy things to do is to get a picture of the falcon on your arm.

3. A thrilling experience dune bashing

Dune bashing on a Dubai desert safari tour is an exciting way to see the Arabian Desert. You drive at different speeds over sand dunes in big 4×4 vehicles during a jeep safari. It is a 20–30-minute activity that gives you an adrenaline rush.

4. Ride a quad bike

Try out how exciting it is to ride a quad bike in the Arabian Desert. The quad bike is a motorbike with four wheels that is fun to ride on amazing terrains while taking in the beautiful scenery around you. When you rent a bike, the tour company will show you how to use it and give you safety gear.

5. Sandboarding lets you ski down the dunes

You can also try sandboarding in the Arabian Desert, which is another fun thing. It’s like snowboarding, where you stand on a board and ride down a sand dune. It is a fun thing to do in the desert, giving you a sense of adventure while enjoying its peaceful beauty.

6. A fun ride in a hot air balloon

Get in a hot air balloon and see the Arabian Desert in every direction. As it goes higher, the view gets even more beautiful, and you can see safari animals all around you. As you over Dubai, you might want to take pictures of the sights.

About a Desert Safari in Dubai at Night

Here is a long list of fun and unusual things you can do on a Dubai desert safari in the evening.

7. Take a photo of the best sunset ever

During the evening desert safari, the beautiful sunset is something you can’t miss. As the sun goes down behind the sand dunes, the orange color of the sand makes it look like you’re in a dream. It is a beautiful sight that you will want to remember forever.

8. A night full of things to do

Many fun things to do will make your night in the Dubai desert even better. Fire dancers, Tanoura dancers, and belly dancers would all make you laugh and leave you speechless at the same time.

9. Try the food of the area

Nothing beats the pleasure of eating real Arabic food in a fancy tent. You should try Arabic foods like kebabs, khubz, kefta, and mansaf. In the UAE, you can enjoy Sheesha in the Dubai desert and traditional flavored smoking.

10. Look at the stars to end the safari

A desert is a place where the days are beautiful and the nights are dreamy. An astronomy tour with a private astronomer will show you the magic of stargazing and remind you how people used the stars to find their way and tell stories in the past. It’s a beautiful thing to do and the best way to unwind after a day of exciting things to do in the desert.

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