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50+ Family Disappointment Quotes to Think About

The family is understood as a safe haven, it means protection and love.

However, families also have downsides and there are often insults and disappointments.

Family Disappointment Quotes to think about can help to understand the situation better.

With a little distance, you might get a different perspective. The right words help and give comfort.

The importance of family, which many people worry about, is undisputed.

And that’s why the disappointment in the family circle weighs particularly heavily.

In this article, you will find thoughtful sayings that should give you courage again.

Family Disappointment Quotes to think about – bitter, sober, melancholic

Family Disappointment Quotes to Think About

Pearls of Wisdom about people are not always pleasant. Relationships with other people are also accompanied by heartache, as every child knows.

A single small betrayal is enough to completely throw a person’s allegiance into question.

The many quotes about loyalty show how important it is to be able to trust.

But disappointments do not necessarily have to be the result of broken trust. We often have the wrong expectations, plain and simple.

All our lives we have expectations: we think we know what true love is. There are different opinions and love quotes.

We believe we are entitled to our expectations. However, all too often our views and expectations are at odds with others or the world at large.

The following quotes, sayings, and wisdom should shed a different light on our feeling of disappointment.

They should help us to get out of the victim role and to look for our own responsibility.

About disappointment

When family or best friends let us down, we chew on it for a long time.

But disappointment also has a downside – it reveals a truth to us. Short quotes and sayings from thinkers are enough to make this clear to us.

1. “Every disappointment is a piece of truth.”
– Erhard Blanck (*1942), German naturopath, writer, and painter

2. “Life is one big disappointment.”
– Oscar Wilde (1854 – 1900), Irish writer

3. “With every disappointment comes self-deception.”
– Daniel Mühlemann (*1959), nature photographer, aphorist, and translator

4. “To be ridiculed is the saddest form of disappointment.”
– Ernst Ferstl (*1955), Austrian teacher and writer

5. “We suffer less and less; every disappointment makes you forget faster and faster…”
– Elmar Kupke (1942 – 2018), German aphorist and urban philosopher

6. “And finally, only those who are passive at all don’t experience disappointment.”
– Honoré de Balzac (1799 – 1850), French philosopher and writer

7. “Disappointment gives man the power to do things he never wanted to do.”
– Gerrit Donat (*1978), author and copywriter

8. “The struggle to deal with disappointment is a very tough and drawn-out struggle.”
– Katharina Eisenlöffel (1932 – 2019), Austrian aphorist

9. “You feel the bitter disappointment when you offer kindness and you are repaid unjustly.”
– Plato (427 – around 348 BC), Greek philosopher

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About expectations

Here you will find suitable sayings about missed and wrong expectations. Maybe you recognize some of your own life?

Maybe you were unlucky enough to come across sneaky people? Our quotes about fake people will certainly interest you.

Whether as status sayings or WhatsApp sayings – they will certainly give those around you something to think about.

1. “False expectations tend to turn into real disappointments pretty quickly.”
– Ernst Ferstl (*1955), Austrian teacher and writer

2. “Expectations are the snare to the pit of disappointments.”
– Hermann J. Elling (*1954), management consultant and trainer

3. “Hope is the light, the expectation is darkness.”
– Peter E. Schumacher (1941 – 2013), collector of aphorisms and publicist

4. “The smaller the expectation, the greater the fulfillment.”
– Erwin Koch (*1932), German aphorist

5. “One is not disappointed by what another does (or does not do), but only by one’s expectation of the other.”
– Mark Twain (1835 – 1910), American writer

6. “Life’s greatest obstacle is the expectation that hangs on tomorrow and destroys today.”
– Lucius Annaeus Seneca (c. 4 BC – 65 AD), Roman philosopher, Stoic, writer, naturalist, and politician

7. “Trust is seeing someone go away with the sure expectation that they will come back.”
– Unknown

8. “The bottom line is, after all, I am the result of myself, above that only the expectation of others.”
– Holger Langer

9. “We expect too much too little and too much too much.”
– Manfred Hinrich (1926 – 2015), German philosopher, philologist, teacher, journalist and writer

Sad sayings to think about

The most beautiful things and insights are accompanied by strong feelings. Disappointment is closely related to grief. Grief over the loss of an idea, an image, a person, or a longing.

Unfortunately, there is no room for funny quotes or sayings here. Only cynicism is acceptable. But this would mean, as the German aphorist Elmar Kupke put it, ultimate disappointment.

And cynicism is not a solution.

1. “Most of the time, loss teaches us the true value of things.”
– Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860), German philosopher

2. “It is so sad that man is an enemy of man.”
– Unknown

3. “You can turn a blind eye to things you don’t want to see. But you can’t close your heart to things you don’t want to feel.”
– Unknown

4. “From suffering the strongest souls have come; the most massive characters are riddled with scars.”
– Kahlil Gibran (1883-1913), Lebanese-American poet, painter, and philosopher

5. “When you’re happy, you enjoy the music. When you’re sad, you understand the lyrics.”
– Unknown

6. “Everyone tells you to let go. But nobody tells you how to do it.”
– Unknown

7. “A wound is a place through which the light enters you.”
– Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi (1207 – 1273), Persian poet and Islamic mystic

Disappointment – family sayings to think about and send

The best saying for disappointed people is to try to create a bridge. They seek justice and appeal to the human capacity for forgiveness.

1. “We always speak only of the disappointments that befall us, never of those we have caused others.”
– Unknown

2. Being completely immersed in the family means being completely lost.”
– Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830 – 1916), Austrian writer

3. “The family is the source of the blessings and unblessings of peoples.”
– Martin Luther (1483 – 1546), German theologian and reformer

4. “The family and the sun – the further away the better.”
– From Mexico

5. “If you don’t have enemies, you make them in your own family.”
– Andreas Mäckler (*1958), biographer

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Maybe you choose one of the following quotes as WhatsApp status?

6. “The most dangerous theater of war is where we don’t expect it to be: in the family.”
– Stefan Rogal (*1965), author, editor, and columnist

7. “Family is friends that we wouldn’t have if it were about friendship.”
– Unknown

8. “Family is where — if you’re screwed, you’re not thrown out.”
– Unknown

9. “An alliance and a family are like a heap of stones: you take out one stone and the whole thing falls apart.”
– Unknown

10. “People are sensitive flesh and blood.”
– William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616), English writer, actor, and theater manager

11. “He who revealed to us the essence of the world would bring us all the most unpleasant disappointment.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900), German philosopher and writer

More sayings that make you think

12. “Don’t give up what’s important to you just because it’s not easy.”
– Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955), theoretical physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics 1921

13. “He who no longer loves and errs no more, let himself be buried.”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832), the most famous German poet

14. “If you prefer to do too much yourself and expect little from others, you stay away from grudges.”
– Confucius (551 – 479 BC), a Chinese philosopher

15. “Confidence is taking the first step, even if you can’t quite see the stairs yet.”
– Martin Luther King (1968-1929), American Baptist pastor and civil rights activist

16. “Indignation is an agitated state of mind that usually occurs when one is caught.”
– Wilhelm Busch (1832 – 1908), German painter and writer

17. “Always yielding, always smiling at worries and annoyances, no one can do that.”
– Theodor Fontane (1819 – 1898), German writer and journalist

18. “There is a great advantage in life in making the mistakes you can learn from as early as possible.”
– Winston Churchill (1874-1965), British statesman and Prime Minister

Family Disappointment Quotes – Forgiving and beautiful sayings

This is about general wisdom that you probably know but may have lost sight of. They are meant to encourage you to forgive and move forward. There are also some funny sayings!

1. “When someone is disappointed in their own family, everyone asks themselves what they could have done wrong.”
– Unknown

2. “Those who love and are disappointed can forgive and continue to be happy.”
– Unknown

3. “Not only have you been disappointed, but I also will too.”
– Unknown

4. “You either deal with disappointment or you fight yourself.”
– Unknown

5. “Try to forgive disappointments. Nobody is perfect, including you.”
– Unknown

6. “A lot of kids are disappointed in their parents, and most of the time, the parents mean well.”
– Unknown

7. “Sometimes in life you have to pack things that you don’t actually have a pocket for.”
– Unknown

8. “There’s nothing wrong with being disappointed in your own kids.”
– Unknown

9. “Everything I know about the disappointment I learned from people I cared about.”
– Unknown

Reading Tip:

Family disappointment quotes prompt us to reflect on the complexities and challenges that can arise within our familial relationships. While these quotes acknowledge the reality of disappointment, they also remind us to seek solace and strength in the blessings that family can bring.

The best blessings quotes serve as gentle reminders to find gratitude and appreciation for the love, support, and shared experiences that family provides, even in moments of disappointment. These quotes encourage us to cultivate understanding, forgiveness, and resilience as we navigate the ups and downs of family dynamics.

In contemplating these quotes, we can find a renewed perspective, embracing the blessings that family offers and fostering a sense of unity and love in the face of disappointments.

Final Thoughts

When disappointment occurs in the family, it is always particularly unpleasant.

You stay connected, somehow committed to each other. Despite disappointed expectations, insult, and injustice.

Forgiveness is a special ability, important for conflicts, to maintain bonds.

After all, it wouldn’t be good if families were easily broken up by arguments and disappointments, would it?

Family disappointment quotes to think about are therefore also a call to reflect, examine one’s own responsibility, and question one’s attitude. You should step out of the victim role and forgive.

We all have our ideas and we are all disappointed at times. There is injustice in every family.

Sometimes it seems impossible to forgive. The injustice one has suffered is just too heavy and too obvious.

Then you finally close with expectations or only have bad ones, which is maybe even worse.

Even then, you should still forgive yourself. Don’t take things too seriously.

Hopefully, this post will help you see that many before you have had the bitter experience of disappointment.

And that despite everything, the family remains the first and greatest support.


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