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Types of Software Development


For business organizations, software development is paramount because it helps determine the competition and puts them on the competitive edge. Developing software could also improve the customer experience, bring to market more feature-rich and innovative products, and make more productive, efficient, and safe setups.

Information digitization and storing online not just saves space but centralizes and integrates it as well for easy access. For organizations looking to hire a software development company, it’s important to note that there are several types of software development to determine which is best for their specific requirements.

Various Kinds of Software Development

Often, different developers work hand-in-hand to accomplish a project. Before you start to look for a software development company, the first thing that you should do is to find out exactly what it is you’re looking for beyond what you are creating.

Choosing a software developer correctly boils down to three major aspects, namely, processes, reputation, and experience. It’s important to find out how much experience the service provider has, determine the relevance of the experience to your industry, region, and the size of your customers.

Having decided on the service provider, another consideration is to choose the type of software development that best fits the project. Let’s check out the types of software development that works best for your business and the clientele.

1. Full Stack Development

The user navigating the frontend is the only that determines how the software app measures up. The backend, however, makes certain that nothing will fall apart in the process. Full stack development is the combination of client-side and server-side development.

A full stack developer knows the ins and outs of both frontend and backend development. Most kinds of software development have to approach a project bearing in mind that the goal is full stack development. This usually means looking for a specialized software development company for frontend and backend development.

2. Frontend Software Development

This type of development focus on the part of the system that users interact with. Primarily, this kind of development is concerned with the UI or User Interface. The developers, for instance, could build the visual aspects, layout, and interactive elements of an app or website.

The UI is an important art of making software more appealing to the end-users. With an aesthetically pleasing interface, users could navigate through the software easily. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are critical technologies to use when developing front-end solutions.

While certain software has various compositions overall, frontend development plays a huge part in almost every kind of software development.

3. Backend Development

This type of software development refers to the process that occurs backstage. In other words, you can’t see it. This is because backend development consists of server-side behavior that correlates to databases, servers, app programing interfaces or APIs, as well as other internal structures, which power the software app itself.

All this occurs behind the screen. The frontend is an abstraction of sorts, which streamlines the part of development that users access necessarily. Thus, end-users do not have to see what is happening on the backend to benefit from its functionality.

Backend development, as a rule, drives the development as a whole, although every kind of development has its due relevance. There are several tools and languages that could be used in backend development, within and outside the web development context. Ruby, Python, and Java are just a few of the popular programming languages today.

4. Mobile Application Development

Also called mobile development, is probably the kind of software development that you often come across. Specifically, mobile development builds apps that run on various mobiles, such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile application development, in fact, wields a different set of tools compared to most kinds of software development.

For a native app development, an Android app will need Kotlin or Java programming. On the other hand, Swift or Objective C is needed for an iOS application. Working with two operating systems is possible, but a lot of companies work with developers who are experts in only one.

This is because they have the tendency to have more knowledge of the intricacies of every kind of development.

5. Desktop Development

Desktop developers exclusively build apps that run on a desktop OS, such as Mac, Linux, or Windows. This is in contrast to developers that build apps that run on tablet, mobile, or other devices. In the early days of programming, this specialization was more ubiquitous, before the days of mobile apps. They, however, still have a place in the scenario at present.

People continue using desktop apps every single day. For those who access a web page from a computer, the web browser is a desktop application.

6. Website Development

Web development is the process of building web applications. People utilize these applications via an internet browser on different devices. This differs from a mobile app that runs on a tablet or phone and does not necessarily need an internet connection to run.

This type of development encompasses frontend and backend development. Professionals can be full-stack web developers as well. It’s a way of making people be aware of the products and/or services offered, understand the products and their necessity.

Displaying this kind of information with thought-out presentation and high-quality images would have a huge influence on customers. It is always important to create a product that’s as relatable and appealing as possible. Additionally, website development enables effective visitor communication, boosts connectivity, and proves the company’s reliability.

7. Cloud Computing Development

This type of development encompasses programs, apps, and services, which run over the cloud. Which means that it could be accessed in a remote way anywhere as long as there is an internet connection and the right login.

Cloud computing has so many advantages to offer, such as in particular, scalability. Some software developers specialize in cloud computing, that is, the building of cloud platforms. The developers build cloud apps and facilitate cloud migration and deployment, as well as manage cloud services and provide user maintenance.


Knowing the different types of software development could close the gap between business growth and understanding of software development. Before choosing a software development company, it’s important to do research and the best type of software development for you.


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