How To Take Care Of Your Hair From Heat Damage

How To Take Care Of Your Hair From Heat Damage

Hair is one of the most attractive parts of the human body. It’s a few people’s first notice, and for a few, it’s their favorite part of the body. But with the changing environment, increasing pollution, and degrading lifestyle, our hair is getting affected even before it comes to our consciousness. And using a hairdryer or any other such equipment/heating tools and products on your hair aggravates this effect.

As a result, people face balding, and thinning of hair in their late 20s or early 30s. Unfortunately, many people neglect the initial symptoms, and till they become cautious about their hair, it becomes too late. After which, few people take the help of transplanting surgery for their hair, but this particular remedy also brings side effects.

Therefore, early prevention can help you protect your hair from getting damaged. In addition, there are some remedies to protect your hair from this heat damage; not only will it help you stop hair fall, but it will also make your hair shiny.

Apply Heat Protectants

It is always good to apply a heat protectant on your hair before using a heating tool. Heat protectant locks the moisture in the hair strand, thus restricting the water from evaporating, preventing dryness.

Add a hair mask to your hair care routine.

If you frequently use a heating tool for your hair, you must use a hair mask once a week. It replenishes moisture in your hair. It will also reduce hair tangling and will make them smoother. If you are not sure what hair mask suits you or how to make one, you can take some short courses in skincare & haircare.


The third solution can be to let the hair air-dry as much as possible, maybe till it is 50 or 70 percent dry, before starting styling.

You might ask why we should wait before styling. This is because wet hair is more prone to breakage and damage.

In addition, wet hair is weaker than dried hair because when hair is wet, the proteins that make up the hair are weakly bonded to each other as compared to when dry (proteins have a stronger bond when hair is dry). This is why wet hair is brittle and easily damaged compared to dry hair.

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Moisturize and condition

The fourth solution is to always moisturize and condition your hair before using any heating tools. Keep giving your hair the best products to maintain its health. Frequently oiling and conditioning your hair will keep your hair strong and less prone to damage.

Hair in general needs conditioning and oiling to maintain its strength and bounce. Once exposed to heat, especially for a prolonged period, it becomes dry and dull and lacks the shine it would usually have. This can easily be restored if you oil your hair and enrich it with all the nutrients it lacks.

Blow-dry your hair

If you want a straight hair look, then blow dry your hair instead of opting for hair straighteners. Blow drying leaves a naturally straight, finished look to your hair with less damage as compared to the heat damage caused by straighteners.

Blow-dry, in general, will have less heat and hence will damage your hair less than what a straightener will do because a straightener can reach temperatures up to and even more than 140 degrees Celsius, which is very harmful to your hair.

Reduce the temperature

Many people use too much heat on their hair with hair styling tools. This temperature greatly affects your hair. Therefore, reducing the heat/temperature of the styling tools will help you increase your hair quality.

Are you styling one strand multiple times?

If yes, you better check on this. If you are heating one strand multiple times, it can severely damage your hair. Just one motion of the heating tool is enough to have the same result that you will get after multiple motions.

Parting Thoughts

Heat-harmed hair is a typical issue that everybody encounters at least once in their life. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to stop it from developing.

However, we completely cannot get rid of our styling devices, which is the place where these helpful hair care tips come into motion. By working these simple hacks into a heat styling schedule, you’ll decrease the probability of heat harm and lift your hair’s general well-being, which is something we can generally get behind no matter what the length, type, or surface of our sensitive strands. After all, Love is in the hair!


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