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Financial Crisis Survival Guide During The Pandemic

Financial Crisis Survival Guide During The Pandemic

The recent years’ crisis related to COVID-19 has brought many businesses to the brink of collapse. Lockdowns, new safety rules, and other novelties have made the demand for urgent solutions capable of keeping companies rock-solid.

When having no definite strategy of how to cope with the new reality’s challenges, there’s no chance to survive. It is clear today that such a strategy should include the latest digital software that can be securely used even in a pandemic situation.

Want to know how dataroom providers can protect your company? Which procedures should make up your survival strategy and how one can run them via a VDR? Find the answers to all questions like these below.

How to Protect Your Business?

Running businesses amid the pandemic is more about risk management and having an exact plan of further action. Large corporations and small companies should base their management strategies on the following key approaches.

1. Precise Governance

A good organization of a company is now a must. Its leadership should know its abilities and goals. Financial planning should include the option of an emergency budget.

2. Digital Basis

The implementation of the latest digital techs may help to optimize the organizational process in whatever business. Digital business solutions allow companies to make this process seamless since it can be run from any place, at any time, and on any gadget. Moreover, such solutions as virtual data rooms are indispensable for ensuring corporate security.

3. Flexibility

When having a sound corporate governance plan based on the usage of a reliable online data room, any company will have a better survival potential. But still, it’s not enough. One more crucial element is responsiveness. Any business should be ready for quick changes in markets and react according to the situation. Here, the use of digital analytical tools is required.

Surely, these techniques won’t help you to predict the future. However, your business – small or big – will be strategically prepared for whatever crisis. This will ensure stability, if not constant growth.

Why Use a VDR During a Crisis?

Upstart digital means are not salvation by themselves. However, their usage can serve as a fortifying element of your governance strategy. When ruling a company via an online data room, you can arrange matters quickly and securely. This is due to the following characteristics of the software.


An electronic data room is a complex of specific tools the main purpose of which is to allow you to conduct various transactions. These transactions may include such crucial for your business survival operations as:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions;
  • Legal audits;
  • Capital Raising;
  • Finding strategic partners;
  • Intellectual Property Management;
  • Board Meetings, etc.

The software will allow you to run these procedures right from the preparation phase up to the end. You can fix schedules, upload and share important documentation, sign documents, vote, and many more.


Safeguarding sensitive information is the essential point of any business survival strategy. In modern reality, you may not have time to gather all the necessary papers and invite your partners to your physical dataroom so that they can study them for ages. Moreover, you will have to protect your data against leaks. All this will be a tough and costly undertaking.

On the contrary, when running data room due diligence, you can complete the whole procedure much faster and in the most secure way. At your disposal will be the following means:

  • Secure servers (compliant with ISO 27081);
  • Several levels of data encryption;
  • Two-Factor Authentication;
  • Multilevel Access;
  • Specific tools to protect your sensitive information like Redaction; View-Only options, Watermarking, etc;
  • Audit Logs to monitor the users’ activities in your virtual data room;
  • The ability to insert Confidentiality Agreements, and many more.

All these options are irreplaceable when you have to deal with new partners and cannot predict the result. A proper VDR will keep your data from compromise.


One more advantage of online data room software is that it can suit any business type and budget. You can define which tools are necessary for you and thus opt for the best vendor for your organization.

Ease of Use

Even when you run a large enterprise and your transactions require a broad choice of instruments within a virtual data room, still, you can maintain it easily. Your partners won’t experience any difficulty while using it as well. The top dataroom providers will offer you round-the-clock support and tutorials. However, the most important thing you should pay attention to is Free Trials. The best VDR vendor for your business will certainly offer it.

The Best Survival Strategy for Your Business

When your business is equipped with dataroom software, you may not doubt it is ready for sharp fluctuations. Now, you can build up a reliable strategy for your company’s survival. Consider the following steps you can take in the case of prolonged recession caused by pandemics or other negative phenomena:

#1 Be ready for the worst

Your leadership should have an exact plan of action even when things go from bad to worse. Know your budget and the current situation anyway.

#2 Reduce expenditures

This will allow you to optimize the usage of your budget. You will be able to finance more promising projects.

#3 Increase investments

Your online data room software will allow you to securely negotiate with potential investors. It has all the necessary tools to present your company at its best.

#4 Optimize your workflows

Having the right people in your team is always crucial, let alone the recession times. It should be able to define its objectives and clearly see the ways to achieve them. Your company’s survival depends on how effectively your team can interact.

#5 Be Dynamic

Sitting out a crisis is now regarded as a wrong strategy. Instead, you should search for alternative ways that will at least allow you to survive the recession.

To sum up, it is hard to overestimate the importance of digital software in general and virtual data rooms in particular when it comes to business survival during a pandemic. This software will help you to prepare your business for any contingencies as well as allow you to find swift solutions to stay afloat.


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