6 Signs That Your Child Is Ready To Go To Daycare

6 signs that your child is ready to go to daycare

Most parents feel that choosing the right daycare for their babies is one of the most complex decisions. However, another equally tough decision is to know when your child is ready for daycare. Unfortunately, there isn’t a universal answer regarding when to send one’s child to daycare.

Many feel that 12 months is the right age, while many other parents feel that 9 months should be enough. However, a few signs can make you understand that it is the right time to send them off.

1. They can spend time alone

Little children often suffer from separation anxiety. However, if you see that your little one can spend time by themselves without causing a tantrum, it might indicate that they are ready to be left alone in a daycare.

If you send in your child too early, when they aren’t accustomed to staying alone, they can scream and cry, which will upset the other children in the daycare. If you aren’t sure, try keeping your child under the supervision of a babysitter or neighbor to see how they behave when you’re absent.

2. They are potty trained

One common requirement all preschools and daycares have is the need for your child to be completely potty trained. This will also ensure that your child enjoys daycare and doesn’t constantly worry about dirtying their pants.

While children might occasionally go in their pants despite being potty trained, such occurrences are rare. So make sure that your kid knows how to relieve themselves properly in the toilet before you think of sending them to a daycare.

3. They can concentrate on a task longer

Another clear sign that your child is old enough to go to daycare is that they can concentrate on a certain task for long periods.

Preschools often engage children in activities that require kids to focus hard, such as sorting out puzzles and going on a treasure hunt. If your child is fidgety or can’t pay attention for long at home, it means that they aren’t yet ready for preschool.
On the other hand, if they can focus on one particular task for at least fifteen minutes or so, it means their skills are improving, and they will do well in daycare.

4. They can interact well

One of the major reasons why daycare is important is that it gives children the perfect opportunity to mix with others and learn new things.

Soft skills like sharing, playing together, and teamwork need to be taught from a very young age, and daycares enhance these skills. So if you see your child being able to talk to other kids of their age well, you can safely send them to daycare.

One way to ensure that your child understands how to mix with others is to help them socialize as often as possible. Conduct sleepovers or fun picnics with any other kids that you may know of so that your child learns these things as early as possible.

5. They have a lot of stamina

A typical day in daycare is slightly longer than what your kid might be used to. So you need to ensure that they have enough stamina to stay there the whole day. If not, make sure that they can at least go through the day till their nap time.

When children run low on energy, they often become angry or cranky, and that’s when you get the guardian calls. So this is another indicator if your child can handle daycare or not.

6. They are inquisitive

One more important thing daycare teaches children is to question things and figure out solutions. For example, in Australia promotes a child’s ability to discover and understand new things.

So if you see that your baby has already started to ask questions in the house and wants to explore the world outside, you can help them by enrolling them in a good daycare.

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