How To Get More Instagram Followers On Instagram in 2024

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Fresh to Instagram?

How many days has it been?

A week? Or a month?

Still haven’t got wind of the algorithm and are struggling to get Instagram followers?

Take it easy, for everyone has been there; even the popular Instagrammers we see in every headline now were once fledgling newbies.

So what should you do?

Simple, follow some strategies and some tricks we have listed below.

Will they work?

You will get the answer by the end of this article; until then, let’s look into some of the powerful and effective ways to get more followers on Instagram in the year of the tiger.

10 Best Ways to Get More Instagram Followers On Instagram.

Source: Freepik

The thing about Instagram is that it is a paradox. Things will go easily at times, and every progress will be a spectacular failure at other times. This is why it is necessary to follow a sound strategy and a consistent schedule.

Creating and maintaining a sound strategy is in your hands. Our job is to guide you through a good strategy that spells success, so shall we proceed to our main theme:

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1. Write Down Your Aims

Ask yourself, why do you want to start an Instagram account?

Was it to drive sales for your business?


To showcase your artistic skills?

Either it is, write them down clearly on paper or a notepad.

If you are wondering why this all is, our first recommendation is that to create a strategy, you as the benefactor must first be aware of what you want. By writing down your goals, you will be able to define your target audience and draw other necessary tactics.

2. Define Your Target Audience

After writing down your goals, your next step will be knowing your target audience.

Is defining the target audience necessary?

If you want a loyal and healthy follower base, you will need to know your target audience who will appreciate your work and buy your services.

For example, if you are selling cosmetics, your target audience will be teenagers and young adults, and if you are selling in New York, your target audience will be those who reside in New York. That’s how you will define your audience.

Here are some questions for you to help with defining your target audience:

  • How Old Are They?
  • Where Do They Live?
  • What Are Their Interests?
  • When Do They Use Instagram?

Answering the above questions will help you know more about your target audiences.

3. Design Your Profile Aesthetic

One of the reasons why Instagram got popular is its beautiful visuals. Unlike many apps, the Instagram color palette does not irritate the eyes.

As someone who is striving to build a solid presence on such a platform, you should know one or two about how you will want your content to appear to others and the best filters.

Just make sure your content is visually appealing and neat. Choose a color theme for your feed and stories.

Aesthetic-looking feed instantly attracts followers, so put effort into the design as well.

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4. Invest in Hashtags


Hashtags are not only on Instagram but are used on many social media platforms.

Have you ever wondered why?

Well, we’ll explain, that hashtags are similar to keywords. If you are uploading a post and add the hashtag, ‘#MorningKiss’, your post will appear under the same tag along with other posts tagged with the same hashtag.

If anyone were to search ‘MorningKiss’ on their search tab or viewed or liked posts with a similar hashtag, your post would appear to them. This way, your post reaches more eyes, you get more likes, and those likes will turn into followers!

That’s why hashtags are essential.

However, hashtags also come with several limits. One of them being their limited usage. If you don’t want your account to be suspected of being a scam, limit your hashtag usage. Try keeping it below 10 for a decent appearance.

Another thing is relevance. Add hashtags that are relevant to your content. Irrelevant hashtags will not help you in any way and is also a typical spammy behavior, so try to add only relevant ones.

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5. Buy Followers

Let’s start this heading with a question, Will you follow an account with content but no followers?

You probably will not. That’s psychology, and most brains will not trust empty accounts.

This is exactly why you should buy Instagram followers.

When you buy followers, the vendor from whom you are buying will deliver their services through active accounts at the right pace or speed.

What else does buying followers help you with?

The follower rate will enhance your algorithm response. If you want your account to reach more audiences, you will first need to impress the algorithm, but that is just impossible with limited followers.

When buying followers, your followers will increase at a proper pace and make the algorithm turn to your side. So what’s next, luck is on your side, and your account will appear on more feeds.

6. Write Compelling Captions for Your Posts

Instagram always stays ahead of the competition thanks to its latest features. To get a solid standing on this platform, one has to be always on the lookout for updates.

One such update is this newly enhanced search feature.

That’s right, now Instagram search uses machine learning algorithms to display more relevant results, which means not only hashtags, captions, and content types are also considered.

So, when writing captions, we advise you to write them relevant to the content type. For instance, if you are posting a tech gadget, construct captions in a way that mentions the name, brand, and unique features of the gadget.

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7. Take Advantage of Instagram Reels

Even if you are not an avid user of Instagram, you probably would have some idea of what reels are and how they are used.

The short video looping feature, which was introduced not that long ago, has risen the ranks in terms of functionality and popularity.

Whether you are trying to create a solid presence for your brand or trying to show off your skills, reels will be of great help to you.

Regularly posting stories and posts enriched with organic strategies is exemplary and worth it. But adding reels too to your already consistent strategy will help you reap benefits faster.

All you will have to do is shoot a video, edit or trim it, add some music, and post it. Repeat the process for several days, and you will see your efforts get paid off.

Some key points to note when using Instagram reels:

  • Add trending audio to your content.
  • Add relevant hashtags.
  • Add on-screen text to explain to viewers what your content is about or explain the steps.

Behind-the-scenes, clips, and do-it-yourself videos are popular topics for Instagram reels. Try tuning to reels, and you will be amazed by the results.

8. Promote Your Content Through Influencers.

Have you ever heard about influencer marketing?

It is one of the popular marketing strategies where an organization or a brand promotes its products through influencers.

We probably don’t think we need to explain who influencers are; they are popular personalities who have managed to gain a huge follower base through their natural talents.

If you are someone who started Instagram to make sales, influencer marketing should also be one of your key strategies.

Try finding influencers who produce content similar to your niche. For instance, if you sell books, search for one who reads and recommends books. If you sell candles, search for one who posts aesthetic lifestyle content. Likewise, search for them, ask for their assistance, and promote your products.

Will it help?

Heck, yes, it will. Influencers usually have a huge follower base, and some even have die-hard fans. Promoting your products or services will increase your brand exposure.

9. Make Use of Memes

Sharing memes along with your content is one of the highly successful strategies you can follow to acquire followers instantly.

The memes can be anything; they may be celebrity memes or adorable pet memes; sharing them with your content will be of great help.

All you will have to do is some altercations that relate your business or yourself to the memes.

Another point to make sure is to try sharing memes that are funny and not rude, as the theme of the memes also matters.

10. Maintain Consistency

Instagram has millions, not, billions of users, which means too much competition. Following robust strategies is a must, and one of the most essential factors in such a strategy is consistency.

How can you maintain consistency on Instagram?

By posting content regularly. If you are posting one post every day at a specific time, repeat the post schedule for several weeks.

Doing so not only piques the algorithm’s attention, but consistent scheduling will also help you build a positive presence among your followers.

Also, did you know that there are specific time intervals on when you should post content?

Every day there will be a specific time on which the user engagement will be a lot. Posting during such times will be great in scoring more likes, views, and followers. Get to know such timings and post accordingly.


Growing your Instagram account may sound challenging, but in truth, it is. However, there are various strategies and tricks, and following them religiously will lead you to your goals. Until then, let your mind free and relax and let your strategy work for you.


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