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7 Wonderful Tips To Organize Your Pet Supplies

Has it ever happened to you that you wanted to take your pet’s hairbrush but ended up searching through the entire house? Or maybe you wanted to give it medicine in case of an emergency but couldn’t find the medicine box anywhere?

We all tend to misplace and keep our pet supplies disorganized at times. But when it becomes a habit, that’s when you know you must start arranging them properly.

Organizing pet supplies doesn’t always have to be a tough task; with the right kind of tools and creativity, your house will be clutter-free and you will also be able to find all the necessary items at once.

Here are seven wonderful tips to organize these supplies.

1. Have a walking supplies station by the doo

When you take your dog for a walk, you’ll have to carry quite a lot of things. From poopy bags to the proper leash- all of this is essential. Create a “Take A Walk” station next to the main entrance of your house so that you can carry them while you both go out.

Hang the poopy bags inside a larger bag from a hook and fold the leash neatly in a drawer placed next to the door. Keep a few sweaters or mufflers too if you live in a cold place.

2. Store all the toys in one place

Never keep toys strewn all over the house. It makes your house look dirty and also makes it difficult to find a particular toy. Any pet owner will know that, as time goes, the number of toys will keep on increasing. So a good idea is to store all the toys in one single toy basket or bag.

If you need a large basket, there are several options on PETstock Australia. You can even purchase a large plastic dog bed from PETstock and store the toys there.

3. Have an entire shelf for pet supplies

Instead of keeping the essential pet supplies here and there on different shelves, dedicate an entire shelf to these products.

If you don’t have a spare one, simply construct a small cabinet or shelf to store those things. You can keep almost anything and everything there, starting from medicine kits to clothes.

Also, make sure that the shelf matches up with the rest of the room or house. Unless it’s pretty or aesthetically pleasing to look at, you can keep the things stored away in containers.

4. Store grooming supplies in one place

If you have a furry baby, you’ll know how essential grooming is. Pet grooming is a must for any pet and it requires the use of many fancy brushes and tools.

Keep all the grooming supplies like nail clippers, brushes, dry baths, and pet-friendly deodorants in a portable caddy. When you’re done grooming, you can easily keep the caddy on a shelf or in the bathroom.

This also makes finding and using these products much easier. Although you can use caddies of any shape, a bone-shaped one is ideal for carrying around.

5. Have a treated zone

Did you know, over 50% of pet owners give their little babies a Christmas or treat every year? If you, too, love rewarding your pet with small treats, you should organize a small cookie jar to store them. With such easy access to treats, your pet will be much easier to train.

Make sure to label the jars properly so that you or anybody else in your house consumes them accidentally.

6. Store food properly

Pet food items should also be stored in hygienic containers. Small, airtight jars are ideal in this case. They save a lot of space and the food inside also stays better for long durations.

If possible, buy container cars that have wheels for easier movement.

7. Keep travel supplies separate

If you’re going for a vacation with your pet or taking it just for a vet appointment, make sure a travel bag is always prepared beforehand to avoid last-minute problems. The kit should include a food bag, diapers, clothes, toys, medicines, and water bowls.

Over to you…

These seven tips will help you keep all the pet supplies stored neatly in your house. Not only are these tips space and time-savers, but they also help you keep the house tidy at all times!


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