Celebrating and Learning with Birthday Coloring Pages

Happy birthday! These two words are the most important during a birthday celebration. I know that there is so much to enjoy during a birthday celebration such as cakes, goodies, presents and so many delicious dishes. But have you ever thought of making your birthday celebration educational with the use of Birthday coloring pages? If not, you are on the right page. Let’s take a tour to the world of Birthday coloring pages. Get ready!


Kids love to color and appreciate pictures. They will be willing to engage in a DIY activity by coloring these birthday coloring pages  which can serve as a personalized gift. Take advantage of the birthday celebration to create learning and fun for the guests. Here are some coloring pages you can use. Let’s go!

1 .Happy Birthday wishes from family and  friends coloring pages

It is a fun time to be wished by friends and family and this coloring pages offers so many that can be colored. Happy birthday coloring pages have adorable characters of friends, grandparents, uncles, aunties, brothers and sisters  that can be colored in different shades. In addition, there are other images such as awesome  friends, birthday cakes, birthday presents and greeting cards that can be colored.

2. Birthday Cake and cupcake coloring pages

Birthdays are marked with lovely cakes and cupcakes. Kids and adults love cakes and cupcakes with lots of candles on the former to portray a symbolic representation. This colouring page offers images of personalized birthday cakes and cupcakes with color suggestions that can make them stand out.  The cake and cupcakes can be colored fantastically with their favorite colors.

In the coloring pages, red can be used to create a velvet cake/cupcakes, brown for chocolate cake/cupcakes, cream color for vanilla cake/cupcake. The icing on the cake can be colored based on the use of imagination to create a perfect design.  The candles on the cake can be shaded with different bright colors. The ultimate goal is to use the imagination to create a colourful cake that looks yummy to the eye.

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3. Numbered Candles coloring pages

The use of candles in birthday cakes is regarded as an old tradition that originated from Ancient Greeks. They burned candles on cakes to honor the Goddess, Artemis.  In today’s world, candles are blown out after making wishes at a birthday party.

This is another interesting coloring page that teaches kids numbering using the candles images. The candles in the coloring pages are numbered and can be colored with bright metallic colours to create beautiful images.  To give a magical touch to the candle’s images,  plain colors can be used to sprinkle diamond dust or gold.  The age of the celebrant can be colored in a different way to make the candle that depict the age stand out.

4. Mickey Wishes Happy Birthday coloring pages

This coloring page has images of Mickey Mouse in a birthday celebration mood. Mickey Mouse is a favorite character of a lot of kids . This is a funny cartoon character and one of the Disney cartoon characters that appeals to people, most especially the kids all around the world.

Image: Mickey Mouse para colorear

In the coloring pages, Mickey mouse holds on to a message that wishes happy birthday. This shows the adventure of Mickey Mouse and friends. It is a special message from Mickey Mouse on a special birthday to the celebrant.

5. Invitation and special birthday Greeting Card coloring pages

There are images with excellent special birthday messages.These images can be colored in special ways to add a personal touch to it.  The messages bring love, warmth and respect. Kids can colour the invitation cards using bright colours.

6. Birthday Balloons and Flowers coloring pages

I love colorful balloons and flowers! Don’t you? This page is filled with balloon designs that can be colored as desired. Balloons are used by surgeons to save lives, that is, using them to unblock blood vessels. Every birthday party has colorful balloons to make it lively and fun. In these apt coloring pages,  kids can use their favorite colors to make the balloons very colorful.

Image: Birthday Clipart

Flowers depict delicate beauty and joy which can serve as a beautiful present for kids and even adults on their birthday.  This coloring page features a large sunflower that is surrounded by multiple small flowers and stars. This is a symbol of warmth and adoration. The flowers can be colored in different shades using creativity and color recognition.

7. Gift Boxes and Gift Galore coloring pages

One special thing kids love to see during birthdays is gifts and gift boxes. This coloring page offers images of different birthday gifts and gift boxes . The gift boxes come in different shapes, sizes , with colorful ribbons and pretty colors that make birthdays special. Kids can color these pages using diverse shades to make it more fun.  Their imagination can be used to think about things that might be hidden in the gift boxes. This makes them anticipate what might be hidden in their real birthday boxes.

8. Birthday Party Coloring pages

When birth dates come to your mind, what do you think of? I know! You think of having a fun birthday party. Why don’t you make the party more fun by using this learning coloring pages.

In these coloring pages, there are images of party scenes, dancing scenes, cakes, candles, gifts/presents, balloons, and so many that can be colored in different bright colors.

9. Lollipops coloring pages

Kids love sweets, candies and even lollipops. In a birthday party, they love having their favourite, which can be Candies, chocolates, cupcakes and above all, eating their lollipops.

In these Coloring pages, there are pictures of a tin filled with lollipops with wonderful birthday messages attached to them to make the birthday feel special. Kids can color each lollipop with different colors.

10. Birthday boy/ girl coloring pages

These coloring pages have pictures of a happy birthday boy and girl. Kids can have fun coloring these images that represent them.There are other pictures such as a boy’s shirts and shorts, a girl’s dresses, shoes and other costumes that can be worn during a birthday party to look handsome and beautiful.


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