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4 Must-do Steps to Make Your Home a Kid’s Friendly Space


As parents, it is our duty to make sure that our home is a safe and healthy environment for the kids to live in. But ensuring that your home is kid-friendly can be quite an arduous task. At times, it can make you feel like you are running a daycare center! But to make your home child-friendly, it is important that you do these 4 things.

1. Keep the space clutter-free

The first rule of any kid’s friendly space is to keep it organized and clean. This is extremely important to avoid accidents or tiny mishaps that can lead to greater problems. The space should allow for the kids to move freely without bumping into anything. An open space home is excellent for kids as it allows them to be properly under care and surveillance. Even otherwise, you should try to keep the area as clean and possible with objects put out of the reach of children.

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2. Accessible storage for kids

Kids need their own storage space for toys, clothes, sketchbooks, and other items. Small cube storage is excellent according to the height of the child. Small baskets and boxes are also excellent for kids’ storage. Rather than you managing all the things for the child, it’s best if you let them manage by keeping storage easy for them. It will help them become more independent and responsible with their items.

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3. Add colors and variety to the space

A colorful space is very important for the development of a kid’s mind. The space should have a lot of variety including colors, patterns, and textures. The child has a curious mind that must get the stimulants to grow. Bright, vibrant colors can be used on walls, shelves, and doors to create a space that connects with your kids. Yellow, green, blue, and orange are some of the best colors recommended for a kid’s space.

Wall arts and stencils can be added to the walls to create a rich accent wall. You can have themes like underwater or solar systems- according to your child’s wish. Patterns like polka dots or stripes can also create a lively effect. Create something amazing with professional painting services that your child will cherish always.

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4. Low seating area for kids

Arrange a low seating arrangement for your kids with small furniture and soft cushions. You can use rugs or a nice carpet. Low seating areas are very comfortable for children to access and play. You can add colors with pillows and small blankets to make the space more intimate and relaxing.

In a home with kids, safety is the top priority. But you can also add fun elements so that kids enjoy being at home. It should be a lively space with fresh colors and patterns.


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