Transformative Tech Is Shifting How Events Are Handled

Transformative tech is revolutionizing the way events are managed and experienced. One of the key driving forces behind this transformation is the emergence of Metaverse platforms. These platforms have opened up new dimensions in event planning and execution.

With the Metaverse, events are no longer confined to physical spaces; instead, they can be hosted in virtual environments that offer limitless possibilities. Attendees can participate from the comfort of their homes, interact with others in a shared digital space, and engage with immersive content.

The integration of Metaverse platforms is redefining the event landscape, offering event organizers exciting opportunities to create unique and unforgettable experiences for their audiences. As technology continues to advance, the influence of Metaverse platforms on the event industry is only expected to grow, fostering innovation and creativity in event planning and management.


No one industry has been impacted by the technological changes of 2020-21 quite like events. As the USA Today highlights, even the industry-straddling super tech show CES is now an all-digital event.

Technology has had to make up a lot of ground to help everyday people get back into the events and expos that define their lives. A lot has been done, and that’s been seen most clearly in changes to the wedding industry.

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The digital wedding

Weddings were one of the first events struck off by the pandemic. The intimacy of weddings, paired with the fact there’s often a lot of drinking, led to many weddings becoming superspreader events according to Healthline.

While many weddings are now fully open, they’ve come with a significant technological edge – from the RSVP stage, where invites are managed digitally, through to the day itself, which can be virtual or attended virtually.

The enhancement in technological standards means that this hasn’t drawn away from the importance of the day, either – couples and their families and friends can still have a wonderful time due to improved fidelity in communications and slicker platforms.

Virtual reality

This leads to the next frontier in events – virtual reality. Of course, digital meetings are not a new thing. Video games like Second Life have hosted business conferences for years, and there have of course been apps like Zoom, Skype, and Teams to provide interactive meetings.

Where VR makes changes is in allowing workers to get together in the ‘metaverse’, as Facebook termed it in a recent CNBC report. This can restore some of the benefits of person-to-person interactions and networks experienced during expos and events, an important part of the events scene.

A Wearable Revolution

These trends are being brought into the wearables scene when events are fully in-person. SocialTables highlight how wearables can be used, with user consent, for everything from collecting data at an event through to interactive events.

It also allows data exchange, access to event areas, and cashless purchases – all increasing the safety of events and the smoothness of proceedings too. No more cash requirements, and no packs of paper and information to carry around.

This creates energy and emissions savings, too. That meets another key goal of progressive marketing in business and the modern events industry. Technology is helping to make the events industry a viable one again, whether digitally or in person.


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