6 Best Metaverse Platforms: You experience in virtual worlds

Go for a walk on Mars, travel to the old Egypt, or create a separate country full of fantasy reading: metaverse offers access to virtual worlds that do not physically exist but can be experienced inevitably. In the meantime, various companies work on their online ecosystems with which you dive into virtual worlds.

So far, there is no large, overarching metaverse. Instead, you can have different virtual experiences in different computer-generated worlds. We present the most exciting meta-verse platforms.

1) HORIZON World: Explore Facebook in Metaverse


Facebook founder Marc Zuckerberg sees so much potential in the metaverse that he renamed it Meta. The first draft of its virtual world started in December 2021 with Horizon Worlds in the USA and Canada. Meta application has also been available in Europe since June 2022.

In the metaverse of Facebook you explore various environments and get to know distant cultures, for example, meet the avatars of other users: inside and design the world together with them. There are also various events and meeting points, such as a comedy club or a bowling hall. You can learn Horizon World with compatible virtual reality glasses such as the Oculus Rift and Meta Quest 2.

2) Viverse: HTC combines 3D universes on one platform


At the MWC 2022, HTC Vive presented its version of the metaverse: the “Veverse” should enable a seamless transition to other VR universes and be accessible from anywhere on all devices. For this, HTC now brought a new all-in-one flagship to CES 2023: The headset Vive XR Elite not only does without a connection to a PC or a smartphone but also delivers around 100 of its content that interests the vibration increase.

Here users create their rooms and worlds, share them publicly, and organize events. In the Veverse you will also find “Me Time” spaces for various hobbies and interests, comfortably designed retreats for relaxing as well as creative areas and offices in which you are productive. Architecture, art, and music are not neglected either. For example, you visit exhibitions, conferences, and museums such as the Louvre, take part in sports events, or make an appointment with a friend: inside.

3) Decentraland: Buy, build, and act in a virtual world


The 3D platform “Decentraland” focuses primarily on acquiring and developing virtual properties. It is traded in the mana cryptocurrency. As in the real world, property prices in Decentraland have recently increased enormously. If you lack the necessary virtual change, you simply explore the countries and worlds of other users: inside, create small games and sell them.

You also acquire digital assets such as avatars, wearables, and names or take part in public events in the Marketplace. Last year, for example, the first digital fashion Week took place on the platform, in which you can marvel at new collections of real fashion brands and designers and buy selected pieces. In addition to companies, real countries, cities, and locations are also represented in Decentraland, such as the New York Times Square.

4) The Sandbox: A metaverse in the hands of the community


With its pixelated look, The Sandbox is reminiscent of popular cult games like Minecraft. Behind the retro design of the community-controlled platform is a world in which users can build, own, organize, and monetize the entire gaming experience. You also produce mini-games, create non-fungible tokens, which are unique and falsifying certificates, digitally demonstrate property, and sell them.

In addition, you acquire the country and objects, organize events, and take this part. Various collaborations sometimes give the platform a childish charm. For example, you meet the Smurfs, lucky bears, or crypto kitties. Nevertheless, this blockchain-based platform is also concerned with the “Play to Earn”, so “playing to deserve”. It is traded and paid in the in-house cryptocurrency sand.

5) Axie Infinity: Play to Earn in a world full of fantasy

At first glance, Axie Infinity is probably completely different from what you imagine under a metaverse. Here you can expect a virtual game universe with colorful beings that are reminiscent of a mixture of Tamagotchi and Pokémon.

You breed these so-called “axies” on the Meta-Verse platform and expand them into fighters. The whole thing resembles a classic card game: from quests to developing strategies to defending your virtual property, the whole thing works like ordinary online multiplayer.

The difference here is in the play-to-near approach. The blockchain structure enables a complex economic system that depends on each other. Players: Inside, for example, you will receive rewards and resources with real monetary value. In addition to land and axis, you buy equipment as an NFT.

The platform also relies on two currencies: you earn the so-called small love positions (SLP), for example, in fighting. The limited Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), on the other hand, are so-called governance tokens: Whoever owns them will receive a say in the further development of the platform.

6) OpenSea: Shopping on the largest NFT marketplace


The Openea project has a less playful character. If you have a well-filled crypto wallet, you can shop, act, and invest virtually on this meta-verse platform-for example in music projects, works of art, or land parcels in other meta-verse. You can buy virtual goods and objects either at a fixed price or at an auction.

A sales fee of 2.5 percent goes to the platform. Payment is made in various cryptocurrencies such as Dai, USDC, Wrapped Ether (Weth), or Mana. The last round of financing, which brought the company around 276 million euros, showed how big and important this Meta-Verse platform is in its function as the largest NFT marketplace.

Have you already been in the metaverse and tried various platforms? Write to us, about your experiences and coolest meta-verse experiences!


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