The Most Important Marketing Trends for 2024

Artificial intelligence is on the rise while performance marketing is stagnating. Retail Media becomes a growth driver for digital advertising.

After the eventful year 2024, it is time to take a look at the glass ball at the beginning of the year. What are the topics of marketing and media this year? And which one turns out to be an air number?

1. Artificial intelligence comes to stay

Last, hardly a year passed in which a new technology was not proclaimed that should turn marketing upside down. When Amazon Alexa pressed the market, experts spoke with Verve and euphoria about “Voice Marketing”. In many companies, you broke your head, which “Alexa Skills” could be developed so as not to miss this trend. There is little to nothing.

Artificial intelligence comes to stay

Also, unforgettable the almost desperate attempts to give the blockchain a sensible role in marketing. We are not aware of any to this day.
Last year, the hype finally dominated the metaverse, which was optionally declared a dream destination for marketers or an inanimate wasteland.

Things are different with artificial intelligence. On the one hand, it has already nestled in parts of the marketing ecosystem, especially when analyzing and modeling large amounts of data. On the other hand, the development of “generative AI” (such as chatt or dall-e) has now progressed so far that there is no shortage of sensible application areas in marketing.

This year we will see a variety of approaches, tools, and business models that use artificial intelligence in a wide variety of ways.

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2. Performance marketing has achieved the end of its growth

Pandemy has hardened performance marketing. And it will hardly recover from it.

But one after the other: The e-commerce boom triggered by the Corona pandemic drove the demand for performance inventory in such a way that prices rose massively. The call that performance is cheap was almost overnight. Unfortunately, the knowledge of many advertisers was added that performance marketing no longer performs.

Performance marketing

At least not as before. Because to make matters worse, the long-rampant cookie death accelerated. Thus, more and more users have become unreachable for many types of performance marketing.

Ultimately, these converting trends were increased by the fact that performance marketing has been developed in many areas and entered a stagnating phase. Of course, die-hard performance propagandists will deny this and refer to the retail media boom.

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3. Retail Media conquers the Upper Funnel

Retail Media conquers the Upper Funnel

Retail Media will become a growth engine for digital advertising in 2024. As with Performance Marketing and Sea, this is ultimately not advertising, but digital sales promotion. This is also aware of the marketers of Retail Media inventory. In 2024 you will expand your offer so that you will go beyond short-term activation of ready-to-use target groups. Towards brand structure and preference formation.

Or to put it figuratively: You will work up from the lower part of the marketing funnel. In the upper funnel. Advertisers will thankfully accept these offers if they receive a sufficient range at reasonable costs. And objective performance and effects that prove the benefits of the investment.

4. “Waiting for Godot” or environment strikes ID

If one believed in the augurens, the year in which ID solutions enter the marketing stage should be 2024 to dispute the dying cookies’ main role in identifying users. But this did not happen yet. While the cookies continued to cride, the game plan was repeatedly changed. One of the other dress rehearsals with selected advertisers had taken place behind closed doors. However, there was nothing to see for the audience.

That seems so it has enough of the theater for the time being and is inevitably moving on. To where the new edition of a classic is given. Without cookies. Without ids. But a long time ago with good prices. “The Return of the” Environment “.

5. Social media becomes increasingly incalculable

2022 was a year of turbulence and upheavals for social media. After Mark Zuckerberg committed himself to his vision of the metaverse and left Sharyl Sandberg the company, it seems increasingly unclear how well Meta will succeed in claiming his suicidal as a social media giant. In internal consideration, it could run out of a zero-sum game: what Facebook loses in terms of range, relevance and advertising money can book Instagram for itself. If you pull the focus a little further, it becomes clear how strong meta is under pressure. Tikkok grows unbroken. In terms of users, use, and advertising revenue.

But here too the future is uncertain. How will the regulatory authorities evaluate the Chinese funding machine on this side and beyond the Atlantic? How is China processed with its export hit, which it can withhold its own population?

After all, advertisers and media planners can be pleased that the scandal noodle Twitter as an advertising media in this country has always been almost irrelevant. One less head that you have to break through social media.

6. Data emancipation: Algorithmic optimization becomes more intelligent

Anyone who has already entrusted his campaign to Google to Google, for example, in order to watch it relax while flying, will have been surprised by capricoles and sudden changes in direction that the algorithm was undisturbed.

As strange as the flight also seemed to be, positive results were always noted in the logbook: “Very wide. To cheap CPX. You have achieved your goal.”
Some people crowded the bad feeling that the algorithm had undertaken a jaunt on foreign costs. On closer inspection, it was not uncommon for it to show the key figures that were easy to achieve for him, but in doubt, the actual objective of the advertiser failed. Malculation on speed.

Hand on heart: Who wants a black box as a pilot? This year, more advertisers will pass to control their campaigns based on their own data and their own rules. The progress in Marketing Tech and AI as well as the grown know-how are driving this form of emancipation.


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