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Benefits Of Using Dry Shampoo


If you are running late to work and have no time to wash your greasy hair, then using a dry shampoo like Vichy Dercos is a life-saver in such situations. Dry shampoo is one of the easiest and most effective ways to manage oily hair without using water to wash.

Every time you miss the smell and feel of freshly washed locks, dry shampoo can be a blessing in disguise. It not only decreases the frequency of washing your hair but also improves overall hair health.

Read on to understand some of the top benefits of using this hair care product.

What is Dry Shampoo?

According to statistics, the value of the global dry shampoo market was estimated at $2.3 billion. It is forecasted to reach 3.5 billion by 2027.

Dry Shampoo comes in a powder form and reduces the greasiness in your unwashed hair. It is administered from an aerosol can and sprayed on the hair roots.

The hair-wash product absorbs excess sebum from the hair follicles and keeps them fresh and hydrated. It is part of an emergency hygiene kit that you can use to restyle your hair for special occasions.

Once the shampoo is sprayed on the hair, it is left for some time to absorb the oil particles. You can then comb the hair to keep it healthy for several hours.

To get a particular fragrance, you can also make a home-based dry shampoo with talcum powder and various herbs and spices. You can use this hands-on product to clean up a sweat after a workout session, a long commute in a humid climate, or to keep your new hairstyle in place for a long time.

The alcohol or starch present in the spray can help to hold the hair firm and bouncy all day long.

Different Types of Dry Shampoos

Dry shampoo can be differentiated according to different ingredients and manufacturing processes.

  • DIY or homemade cleansers use starch bases like corn flour and essential oils to get a rich fragrance.
  • Herbal powder shampoos contain plant-based, organic ingredients like aloe vera. They have no side effects on the skin near the eyes, hands, and neck areas.
  • Chemical products contain a form of clay known as rhassoul. It is an essential ingredient to treat dandruff and dry scalp problems.

Benefits of Using a Dry Shampoo

According to Forbes, dry shampoos are a useful haircare product during the summer season. Here are some top-listed benefits of using dry shampoo.

Save Time from Hair Wash

The best benefit of using a product like Vichy Deros is it helps to clean your hair faster than washing it with shampoo and conditioner. You can save money on buying expensive hair styling products.

Maintain Colored-hair

Constant washing of colored hair can make it lose its shine and color faster. Dry shampoo does not naturally strip off the hair color and keeps it vibrant for a longer time.

You can save your bleached locks by styling your hair with this product.

Keep Your Hair Healthy

Shampoos and conditioners contain chemicals that rip off the shine and natural, protective oil in your hair follicles. It will make your hair dry and frizzy.

Using a dry shampoo can save the natural scalp oil in the strands and make it look bouncy and healthy.

Save your Hair from Heat

You may use hair styling products like a curler or a hairdryer after a wash. Excessive use of thermal heat can use irreparable split-ends in your hair.

Dry shampoo can help to keep your hair shiny between washes.

You Can Save Time to Get Ready

Hairstyling takes up the central part of the time if you are getting decked up for a special occasion. Dry shampoo can help to easily style your hair without the need to wash, condition, and dry it.

It Adds Volume to Hair

A dry shampoo spray makes your locks look bouncy and increases the volume. Hence, it is the best choice for women with thin, fine hair.

It Gives a Great Fragrance

Dry shampoos come in different fragrances like rose, aloe vera, lemon, among others. They will leave your hair smelling great and remove unpleasant odors.

It can Revive your Hair Post a Workout Session

Any vigorous workout session will leave your scalp oily and sweaty. It aggravates, especially in a hot and humid climate. Using a dry shampoo can instantly revive your hair after the gym routine.

It Decreases Oil Production

A continued dry shampoo use can help control oil production in hair follicles. It is essential for a naturally greasy and oily hair type.

It Helps to Hold Different Hairstyles

Dry shampoo can hold different hairstyles firmly for a longer time. It includes braids, messy bun, or upstyles. It gives a smooth and flexible structure to your hair.


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