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10 Reasons Why Art History Matters


Art is fundamental to what it means to be human. Studying art history helps give people many important and fascinating insights.

The Story of Us

Studying art means studying the world that is humanity. People who learn about art learn how humans have seen the world in the past and how this continues to impact the world around us today.

Overcome Your Fears

Another way that art history can help people is by helping reduce their fears. People have many fears. Art has brought them to life in the past. In doing so, it has helped people learn why they have such fears and how to make them less scary.

Cultural Diversity

The world is full of amazing cultures of all kinds. Every culture has made art and created long-lasting art. Using art history teaching resources from reputable places like Adobe Education Exchange can help students understand many other cultures better.

Image Processing

Understanding images is a crucial task in the modern world. Every single day, people must be prepared to make sense of imagery that can be confusing. People need to make these judgments quickly. Art history helps people sort imagery quickly and easily. It also helps people do this task fast so they are not left having to take time and try to get a feel for the images as they try to do other things.

Coping With Uncertainty

Emotions like despair, uncertainty, and deep sorrow are some of the most basic of all feelings. They can also be some of the most frustrating of all feelings. Art shows people how others have dealt with these difficult emotions in the past. People can see how they’ve responded and gone through such feelings successfully.

Other Feelings

One of the most amazing things about art is that it evokes all sorts of emotions. In doing so, art history teaches people how to feel. Deep feelings of love can be felt and understood better when standing in front of great art.

Artists Are People

Like everyone else, artists are human beings. Artists are also, like everyone else, flawed human beings. Knowing about artists reminds us that all people are complicated and yet full of the potential for greatness.

Problem Solving

Part of the process of creating art is learning to solve problems. Artists show us it is possible to find solutions to problems such as how to capture light and show off a person’s innate character on paper.


One of the many joys of studying art history is the realization of the potential for human imagination. Artists see things not only as they are but also as they might become. Everyone else can do the same.

Great People

There are many great artists who made the world a far better and richer place. Studying their lives can inspire all humans to become better at what they do and help humans create a better world in the process.

In short, art history plays a truly vitally important role in life. That’s why studying it, and teaching it in a creative and engaging way, is profoundly essential.


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