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Reasons Why To Use Lumpsum Calculator


Want to know the estimated returns before investing the funds in any lumpsum investment? No problem. Just use the lumpsum calculators. This calculator has made it easy to gauge the estimated returns on investments. Usage of lumpsum calculators has resulted in the elimination of manual calculations and thus, avoiding human errors. Through this article, you will be aware of several benefits of lumpsum calculator.

  • It is user-friendly: the Lumpsum calculators are designed in such a way that users can access them conveniently without any difficulty. It doesn’t demand additional details. You just have to fill in the required information such as the duration of lumpsum investment, the total amount of money invested in the lumpsum mode, expected rate of return, and inflation rate. Also, you can have access to the online lumpsum calculators free of cost. Just visit the website which is specifically designed for trading purposes and any novice investor can easily use it from there.
  • It provides estimated returns: The main function of lumpsum calculators is to provide estimated returns to the investors for the entire tenure of lumpsum investment. To calculate the results, required details are to be filled such as the total amount of lumpsum investment, tenure of the investment, expected rate of earnings in one whole year, the expected rate of inflation in a year, etc. After filling in the information click on calculate button and within few minutes you will be able to see the result. The estimated return calculated by lumpsum calculators is accurate and reliable.
  • Helps to plan finances better: Once you are aware of the estimated return on your lumpsum investment you can plan and manage your finances in a much better way. Lumpsum calculators provide you the opportunity to explore different investment options. You just need to fill the changed amount of investment and changed period of the investment to get to know the effect it will have on the expected earnings from the lumpsum investment. When you are aware of estimated earnings, now is the time to decide the total amount and total duration of the lumpsum investment so that you can reap maximum capital gains.
  • Guiding investors to select profitable investment options: Lumpsum calculators use a particular formula to calculate the estimated returns on different lumpsum investments that need a fixed amount of funds and duration for investment. After having results in your hand compare them and choose that investment which offers you a high rate of profits. It guides you to shift from debt funds to equity mutual funds when the market is ideal for the latter and when debts funds offer more returns then you can shift from equity mutual funds to debt funds.

Lumpsum calculators act as an effective tool for the investors who want to calculate the estimated returns so that they can invest their funds in that lumpsum investment which offers higher profitability. 5paisa is the online trading platform that guides investors to efficiently trade in the stock market. To know about the working of lumpsum calculators you can visit this site.


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