5 Steps to Improving Your Instagram Strategy

With 2.8 billion active social media users, maintaining an active social media presence is becoming more and more crucial for your business to present to your ideal audience.

Nowadays, more and more consumers want to participate in social media and connect with their favorite brands; in fact, research shows that one-third of millennials prefer to communicate with brands through social media.


Brand awareness and more Instagram followers drive traffic to your website and generate potential customers for your sales channels. Here are five simple tips to help you develop a social strategy to build a massive influence.

Setting up an Instagram business account 

Before you start marketing on Instagram, you need an Instagram business account or an Instagram creator account. If you already have one, please continue with the tips below. If you already have a personal account, you can go to step 3 of these instructions. If you are not familiar with Instagram or create a new account, please do the following:

Step 1: Download the Instagram app

Step 2: Register
Open the app and click to create a new account (on iOS) or register with an email or phone number (on Android).
Enter your email and click Next.
Create your username and password.
Fill in your profile information, and then click Next.

Step 3: Go to your profile for your business account and click the three dots icon in the upper right corner.
Tap Settings, then tap Account.
Tap Switch to work account.

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#1. Finding the best time to post

Are you aware that posting at an unacceptable time will limit your interaction with Instagram, or is it just not regular enough? It can be a quick blow. Instagram calculates that it likes posts that gain engagement on Instagram in a short period, and you can usually move the content to the top of the follower feed.

Buy active Instagram followers, and get Instagram shares to gain maximum engagement. To support this, please invest a little energy to check and follow your Instagram insights to understand when the easiest and perfect publishing opportunity is for your audience.

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#2. Try not to monologue and tell stories

You need to attract the swarm through images, videos, and text, not just show them a message. To increase accountability, use your subtitles, chronicles, Instagram stories, and profile to provide smaller than regular stories and become an all-in-one storyteller.

People today desire a sense of belonging, and description is a way of handling structure in this experience. One way to insert descriptive snippets into the Instagram frame is to share customer-created content that resonates with your image. Another way is to focus on telling a story with your prints.

Get it right. The monotonous printing will stun the scrolling entries and increase the time they spend looking at your posts.

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#3. Talk to your community 

How do you know what more content your community would like to see? Of course, you can see metrics-which posts are highly engaged, like the most, and so on. You must do this!

However, a simple way to find out what people want is to ask them directly. Ask questions in subtitles; organize surveys on Instagram stories; respond to comments with more questions, allowing you to dig deeper.

For example, a Story Poll can be a simple yes or no option to determine if the Instagram content to be purchased is favored by your audience.

You can survey to find out if your followers are more interested in travel tips or inspiring travel destinations. Moreover, they will also feel engaged and listened to, so they are more likely to continue participating in your content.

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In addition to knowing what content is relevant to your audience, one other thing that can help you grow your Instagram account is to have a conversation with your existing community.

So even if your goal is not to increase engagement or increase the number of followers, don’t underestimate the importance of one-on-one communication with the audience. Be yourself. No formality is required! Have a sense of humor and be friendly. That is it.

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#4. Clearly define your goals

All social platforms are tools. But unless you know what to create, you cannot use these tools effectively.

Do you want to:

  • Establish an online image for your business.
  • Raise the popularity of your brand.
  • Acquire new potential customers?
  • Build your brand as an industry leader.
  • Sell ​​products directly from the app?

You may even want to combine multiple different results. But unless you know where you want the Instagram strategy to take you, you are unlikely to get there. We have a comprehensive blog post on goal setting to help you decide what is most important to your business.

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#5. Test your results 

When implementing your strategy, you should test your efforts. It is to ensure that the work you do is strategic and resonates with your audience.

With social media management tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer, you can access analysis tools to understand the operations and content that generate the most engagement, as well as those that do not. It is valuable information because you will determine what to focus on and provide your audience with more content they want.

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All in all, if you return to your platform regularly, create quality content, join your group, and focus on getting your content to be visible, no matter what your goal is, you are on the right track!

Finally, think about innovative ideas! The calculation of news sources on all social media platforms is constantly changing. Therefore, anything that has worked for you before may not work for you in the next week. It guarantees that you are fashionable. More Instagram followers will help you better participate in Instagram.


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