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Where to Donate Gently Used Items? A Step-By-Step Guide!

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Donating gently used items is an excellent way to get rid of the stuff you don’t need—while helping others. The time you take out to sort through your items will make a difference in someone’s life.No matter how tempting it is just to toss the items into the trash but it’s best to take a moment and sort out the items that can be donated. Thebest movers explain that state it is easy to donate with hundreds of charities to choose from, contributing to a better world. One must add donating the extra items in their moving checklist.

The donation process can be intimidating for some people but don’t worry; we have made up a simple, handy guide to donate your gently used items. Additionally, we’ve tried to cover everything you need to feel confident and manage your donations generously.

How to Get Started with the Donation Process

Well, the very beginning of the donation process is the most effort-taking part. It can be boring and frustrating to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Sometimes you come across an old item and occasionally an item you barely have used, and it’s not easy to decide what to donate. But don’t worry because the moment you donate the items to someone who needs them is incredibly rewarding and satisfying. We can promise you that it’s one of the most enjoyable things in the world. So please give it a try.

An easy way to decide what to or not to donate is— if you haven’t worn, seen, or used the particular item in the past six months; it’s time to part ways. This applies to everything; except some we hold for sentimental reasons.

It can be a challenging task but keep in mind your gently used items can bring smiles to many faces.

Where to Donate Gently Used Items? 

Below are the organization lists where you can donate your gently used items for noble causes. The list is segregated depending upon the items you wish to donate. Please have a look.

Donating Old Clothes

We all have many old clothes in our closets that we have not worn for a long time. So, it’s an excellent idea to donate them to the below-listed organizations.

American Red Cross

It is one of the oldest and popular non-profit organizations in the USA. It works for emergency assistance, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness. It also has collaboration with Green Drop.

Green Drop takes donated clothes and resells them in thrift stores. The American Red Cross uses the profit made by selling clothes for various social activities.

So, you can donate to their drop-off centre or schedule a home pick for sure.

One Warm Coat 

The mission of this organization is- “To provide free coats to children and adults and promoting Volunteering and Environmental Sustainability.”

You can donate coats or donate money for coats. Additionally, you can enrol the names of the needy person, and ‘One Warm Coat’ will ensure to provide help to the needy persons.youbcan expect highest level of professionalism from these experts.

Donating Electronic Items

Well, if you have a few unused electronic items that you wish to give away, you can have a look at the below list.


There are 7500 people in Oregon alone who cannot continue their online schooling because of a lack of electronic devices. You can help them using FreeGeek. Whether you are an individual or have your organization, you can donate your old electronic devices to FreeGeek. Donating your gadgets is a better idea than throwing them and creating landfills of E-waste.

Cellphones For Soldiers

It has provided 400 million minutes of free talk time to soldiers. You can establish a drop-off site or start a drive to collect smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. They have detailed resources for the people who want to volunteer with them.

Donating Sports Equipment

If you wish to donate some sports equipment, the below-listed organization can be the best choice for you to help the needy.


This organization donate the collected sports equipment to neighbourhood sports leagues of low-income societies. You can visit their website to know more about picking-up processes or scheduling for picking the equipment.

Peace Passers

They provide soccer supplies to impoverished societies. The organization believe in passing the joy of soccer to everybody in the world and try to serve the opportunity to play soccer with proper equipment to as many children as possible.


Well, now you’re better aware of the places where you can donate your gently used items. However, these organizations do not accept everything, for example- broken flooring, single-pane windows, out-of-date electronics, and much more. Therefore, you must consider cross-verifying the terms and conditions with the organizations before the donation process begins.

Additionally, you must not forget to get a donation receipt each time you donate your unused items. The donation receipts can help you to save your annual income tax.


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