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4 Gifts You Can Get a Friend or Colleague to Send Them Your Sympathies

We all have difficult times in life, and there’s a good possibility that you know someone who’s going through one right now. Maybe one of your family members experienced a personal injury recently and is going through a tough recovery. Maybe a friend lost one of their loved ones and is working through the grieving process. You likely remember your own tough times and have memories of mourning. While you may believe that you want to be alone during these times, sympathy from others can help you on the path toward healing.

Even so, it’s easy to feel helpless when you see someone struggling. What can you actually do to make their situation better? It may seem like you’re powerless, but that’s far from the truth. Here are just four great ideas for sympathy gifts that can make a real difference.

1. Sympathy Cards


Most people going through the grieving process or otherwise having a hard time aren’t looking for big, extravagant gifts. Something as simple as a sympathy card that offers your condolences and acknowledges their loss in a respectful way can make a difference. A great way to do this is with a remembrance card that honors the lost loved one with photos of their life and some thoughtful messages about the impacts they made. A condolence gift that celebrates a beautiful soul is sure to be appreciated.

2. Pet Memorials


Our furry friends are some of the best we’ll ever have, and if you know someone who has recently lost a pet, one of the most thoughtful gifts you can get is something that celebrates the pet’s life while also providing a keepsake, so the pet’s owner will always remember the good times they had.

A great way to do this is to offer to have paw prints made, though you’ll want to be careful when selecting the right words. This might work better as a suggestion, rather than a gift you actually make yourself. If the person you have in mind still has other pets, then getting them a pet gift basket on Etsy can be a thoughtful way to show you care and that you want to support your friend as well as their surviving pets.

3. Subscription Boxes

If you don’t think your recipient would go for a traditional sympathy gift basket, then why not look into subscription boxes? They’re extremely popular these days, and you can get one with basically anything. Know someone who loves to read? Get them a monthly box with their choice of books and accessories. Is your recipient a coffee fanatic? There are plenty of boxes for those. There are even boxes for wine or beer, in case they need to drown their sorrows.

These boxes make for unique sympathy gifts that truly fit the personality of the recipient. The best part is that they’ll continue getting boxes each month, so they’ll have little events to look forward to throughout the year.

4. Plants and Flowers

A floral arrangement is one of the most traditional gifts, arguably to the point of clich√©, but it might be a good choice for someone who loves the classics. Otherwise, there are plenty of great plant gifts that you can give a friend or loved one with a green thumb. Even if they’re no expert at taking care of plants, a simple succulent is easy to take care of and will add greenery and life to their home. It’s proven that being around plants has psychological benefits, which is perfect for someone going through grief, and they also provide fresh oxygen to the home and help purify the air.


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