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5 Crucial Trust Elements That Every Landing Page Needs

Landing pages are becoming highly popular in digital marketing because they create a good first impression on the leads. When designed correctly, these pages can also help in converting the leads into paying customers.


Landing pages are highly impactful, but only when they are well-optimized and follow the best design practices. For instance, your landing page must have the following crucial trust elements to instill confidence in your visitors:

1. Branding and Logo

Branding is an important component of almost every website. It’s not enough to have a premium-look landing page; you also need to use colors, fonts, and other visual elements that are in line with your brand book.

Since a well-crafted company logo sits at the core of branding, be sure that you use that logo on the landing page at an appropriate spot. While there are many different options to get a logo designed, one of the easiest and budget-worthy options is to create the logo yourself by using an advanced logo maker online. Regardless of how you decide to get a logo done – It’s best to make sure to follow the logo design best practices that apply either way.

2. Above the fold

Make sure that the most important details of the landing page are displayed above the fold. This is because the area is the “attention grabber”, i.e. the section of the page that draws the immediate attention of the visitor.

A good way to fill the first fold of the landing page is to use a catchy headline and hero image. You can also include a supporting headline and a few bullet points that highlight the main features of your product or service.

3. Social Media Buttons

It’s well-established that brands build trust through social media. These brands promote thought leadership, open two-way communication channels for the fans, break news, and do a lot more very efficiently on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. So, if your landing page has social media buttons, then it can help with your trust-building goals.

Adding social media buttons or even links to your landing page helps with the following:

  • Link Building: Your landing page will get better visibility on search engine page results. This is because search engines value web pages where there are relevant social media links.
  • More Followers: When you receive visitors on the landing page and they see the social media links, chances are that at least some portion of them will click the links. Then, some portion of these users will also follow your social media pages. This will help in growing your social media presence.
  • Trust: You can add the number of your followers on respective social media platforms when you add the buttons. When the visitors will see that you already have a good following, it will make it easy for them to trust you.

4. Great and Relevant Copy

Your landing page must have an attention-grabbing headline. This is the first thing they see when they land on the page which is why you need to invest time in coming up with the best one possible. If the headline works, most visitors will stay on the page rather than visiting another website.

All great landing page headlines comprise the following key characteristics:

  • Clarity: The headline must explain the product or service as clearly as possible. There should be no room for miscommunication.
  • Relevancy: The headline must not make any false promises. The message it carries should be reflected in the product/service as well. So, don’t use a headline just because it looks attractive, it has to make sense too.
  • Empathy: The headline should also address the problem your product or service is offering with an empathic tone. Remember, connecting with your leads on an emotional level is important if you want them to trust you.

If you don’t know how to write a compelling headline, try the following classic ways to write one:

  • Value Proposition: Your business exists to solve a problem. This problem could be as simple as lack of healthy breakfast options, or as complex as poor mileage offered by electric cars. Either way, finding the essence of your solution and adding it to the landing page headline is a formula for success.
  • Listicle: According to a survey, more than one-third of people love list-based headlines. So, why not create a listicle-type headline for your landing page as well? Some examples of listicle headlines are “3 reasons why your car isn’t giving the mileage you expected”, “5 ways to take control of your finances and protect your future”, etc.
  • Humor: Humor is one of the most powerful literary tools that you can use in content. By using wits in your headline, you can easily grab the attention of the visitors. An example you can draw inspiration from is “Want random people on the Internet to buy stuff from you?”

Writing a great headline isn’t as challenging as it sounds. Your first few ideas may not be good, but if you will think out of the box and remain persistent, you will eventually find your golden headline.

5. High-quality images

High-quality images are one of the essential UX and UI web design elements. Good images also work as an important trust element as they show you are professional and take your business seriously.

Many website owners use stock images for their landing pages because such images are each to source and they cost less too. However, if you want a bigger impact from your images, then you must use personalized images. You can hire a photographer for this job or you can also take the photos yourself. In case you choose the second option, be sure to read some tutorials online on how to take professional photos. Also, don’t forget to use a good-quality camera and shoot in good lighting.


Landing pages are becoming increasingly common because they offer a way to boost traffic, improve SEO, and build a brand. To make the most of your landing page, make it as visually appealing as possible. Additionally, be sure to use the trust elements discussed above. Only then you will get maximum conversion and visibility.


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