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5 Rules of Gym Etiquette to Follow

Gym Etiquette

Gym etiquettes are unfortunately not practiced by every gym-goer nowadays. People do not intend to follow the etiquette while working out in gyms, although there are posters all around for dos and don’ts. To be a better person following a code of conduct is very important. You need to follow certain rules for gyming as they will help you perform better and keep your gym in the best shape.

The article will be covering the best five rules to be followed by gym-goers. It doesn’t matter whether you are old, young, female, or male, paying for regular member fees or just a day pass for the gym; these rules need to be practiced by everyone. Gym can be set up at home as well and you can buy gym equipment online, but the etiquettes listed below need to be followed whether you are working out at home or at a commercial gym.  Let’s have a look:

Never Drop your weights:

It is quite commonly noticed that people coming for a workout drop dumbbells in a ballistic or uncontrolled manner on the gym floor, which enhances the chances of injury, especially the ones related to the shoulder. But, more importantly, the weights also get damaged at times and can be expensive to replace.

If you cannot lift and put down the dumbbells with the same control, then probably you are lifting weights that are more than you can even handle. Do let your gym instructor know about the issue and ask him for suggestions. Because setting the weight every time down forcibly or with a jerk can damage you, your weight, and the gym floor.


Gym attire should be comfortable but should also be comfortable to keep upholstery on machines in the best condition and keep up the user’s safety. The fabrics like wearing jeans can be abrasive and can also cause ripping on benches and other equipment. Sports attire like tracksuits, joggers, etc., are best for going to the gym.

Another aspect is the athletic shoes. To have the right grip for exercising and no slipping, your shoes should be right to protect you from dropping weights. The gym attire should be taken care of as it will help the users who are exercising and protect them from any rashes or causing imbalances. Moreover, some studios may require to wear a face mask while inside the premises. Make sure that you follow these rules to protect yourself and those around you.

Wipe your sweat:

Another commonly seen phenomenon is before passing your equipment to the next person wiping off your body fluids from the same is sweat. Some people sweat a lot while others take time, carrying a towel with you is a must. If you forget, ask for tissue paper from the gym owner or people sitting in front of you. Imagine working out on equipment with sweating marks from the other person; nobody likes it, even the next person using after you will not.

Never block access to the mirrors or dumbbell racks:

In any crowded gym, people look to have access to dumbbells to start their workouts. However, many of them prefer to use the mirror for lifting the weights properly and safely while exercising. Be mindful of your surroundings, and it is one of the etiquettes to be followed.

Nobody likes if anyone is standing in front of them to block the mirror view and block their view while standing and waiting while grabbing the weights. It is important to know that watching in the mirror is important at times, so see how you perform the exercises. Be respectful and mindful of the people around you.

Also always ask if it looks like anyone else is using any equipment and just taking a short breather between the sets before jumping on the station for yourself.

Always keep all accessories back to their places:

While working, we pick things and start using them at other places. Most of the time, it is seen with dumbbells that people tend to leave them where they were working out, which is not great. Keeping them back to the racks will help the next person find them and is also convenient. Putting your equipment back in the proper spot is important in maintaining the decorum of the gym and will also help people use them without wasting any further time.

Gym etiquettes are very important when you visit any place you want it clean, and so do the others. So try to maintain the above-stated etiquettes as they will not help you keep things clean but will also prevent injuries.


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