4 Tools to Help You During Your Homeschooling

Tools to Help You During Your Homeschooling

Homeschooling is an alternative for parents who don’t want regular schooling for their kids. Some parents take on full responsibility. Others will hire a home tutor or educator to help. It is a big decision that requires careful planning.

It is important to ensure that your children get the same level of education as others. That is why creating an educational environment is critical. Lesson planning, teaching methodologies, and reading material must help achieve set milestones.

Having the right resources and tools at hand is critical. We will share with you our recommendations for some of the best.

1. Microsoft Office 365 Education

Microsoft Education has a whole list of tools that can help with homeschooling. It takes into account the unique student needs and learning styles. The platform aims to empower collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

Educators have access to the Microsoft community. You can get advice on different areas including internships, scholarships, and online courses.

The best part is you do not pay anything to join Office 365 Education. Educators and students can sign up for free, to get access to a whole suite of tools.

Homeschooling is easy with tools like:

  • PowerPoint for making presentations. Such makes learning more interactive and engaging.
  • Microsoft Word for document creation. You can use hundreds of templates to make work easy.
  • Excel uses spreadsheets to organize data and numbers. You can use the functions or formulas to make math easier.
  • OneNote for planning or organizing the day’s activities using the digital notebook.
  • Onedrive provides secure cloud storage. Both educators and learners can get quick access to documents from wherever they are.

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When homeschooling, try to make the lessons engaging and interactive. Let us take the example of using PowerPoint. You can create and customize slides with images, videos, and even audio.

You also have a choice in the type of presentation you are creating. Comparison slides, for instance, are ideal for showing different or contrasting concepts. You may want to compare product X vs. Y or show the pros and cons of a particular item.

Image Source

You have the choice of using tables, charts, graphs, lines, or shapes. Incorporating some color in the presentation makes the content more visually engaging.

Using such slides makes the information easy to digest. At a glance, the student will get all the salient points.

2. Homeschool Helper


Imagine how much goes into running a school administration. It is a role that needs professionals who have the relevant training. Even then, they would be the first to admit that it can be a very challenging role.

Planning, resource allocation, teaching, and performance tracking take time. Understanding the unique needs of each student also requires careful juggling. What works for school administrations is that many people come together to ensure success.

When you take on homeschooling, you do not have the advantage of human resources and support. That is why a tool like the Homeschool Helper is a life-saver. You get access to thousands of homeschooling resources.

Such include notebooks, worksheets, unit studies, holiday lessons and so much more. There is a lot of information on homeschooling and how to do it well. You can also take advantage of groups on platforms like Facebook for advice.

3. Classcraft for Lesson Gamification


Technology has brought an element of fun into learning. Tools like Classcraft allow for the gamification of lessons for better engagement.

A homeschooler can create an avatar of how they see themselves. They must then keep up with the lessons and performance otherwise they lose points.

Educators can use games like quests based on the lessons. It allows the student to go through an exciting adventure at their own pace. They must apply creative and critical thinking to overcome some of the challenges.

In the end, there is a reward for their efforts and success. A child will get positive reinforcement every time they achieve milestones. They also learn to communicate better and build a sound knowledge base.

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4. Habitica for Productivity


One thing about the schooling environment is it creates habits in children. They know they have to get to school at a particular time.

Lessons, breaks, and extracurricular activities are on the schedule. There is little time for distractions that can take away their attention from what they need to do.

Without a proper regime, homeschooling can be a challenge. There are so many other things that the kids would rather be doing. Watching TV, the internet, or being outdoors are some of them.

Habitica is an app that can help create healthy habits in homeschoolers. Such includes the ability to stick to any schedules you set. They can also keep up with tasks leading to higher productivity.

The platform uses a video and gaming approach. It allows students to create an avatar of themselves.

The students have Daily goals, Habits, and To-do tasks. Every time they complete such a task, they get points. Rewards and punishments act as strong motivators for achieving goals.

Students can also collaborate with other forces to finish the bigger assignments. It is a fun way to include family, friends, and online connections in homeschooling.

The app allows for the personalization of activities depending on unique individual needs. You can access Habita on the web or mobile devices.

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Final Thoughts

Homeschooling has many benefits. Parents can take a more active role in educating their children. It provides an opportunity to spend more time with the kids. You can also keep a close watch on their progress and development.

Z Library offers a solution for students, alleviating the stress of keeping up with peers. It permits a self-paced approach, enhancing the learning experience. While homeschooling presents challenges, even those new to education can adapt. The benefit lies in the availability of tools and resources, assisting in the process effectively.

We have looked at four tools that can help with your homeschooling. Microsoft, for example, has a whole suite of tools that will make teaching and learning easier. Increase engagement and collaboration by making the lessons more fun.

Customize PowerPoint presentations with pictures, comparison slides, videos and so much more. Gamification tools remove the seriousness of learning. Students achieve higher retention when they enjoy lessons.

Let technology work for you by taking advantage of the resources available.



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