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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Business Majors


Business majors come in different scopes and fields. It’s way more than a generalized Business Administration degree stamped on your diploma, and getting a comfortable starting salary.

It’ll depend on what you’re more interested in pursuing after graduation. As well as your preferred skillset. Your process of choosing business majors can make or break your post-graduate plans.

If you’ve been fluctuating between a couple of specializations and haven’t been able to make your final decision, no worries. You’ve come to the right place.

Keep on reading to learn all about the key five elements of a business degree that can open up the right career doors for you.

1. Choosing Business Majors 101: The World of Accounting

If you’re a fan of all things numbers, taxation, and even auditing, you’ll find yourself amongst similar-minded people in accounting.

You might be interested in working for huge corporations in their accounting departments. Or, getting your CPA (certified public accountant) certification is your target.

Regardless of your preference, you’ll find the demand for good accountants is definitely rising. You can explore your different options by checking out this link.

2. For the Worldly Business Person: International Business

This is the perfect major for those who love to travel. Or even, those who enjoy exploring how different businesses function depending on the local culture.

Moreover, our current market can’t be divided across country lines anymore. Due to the boom in e-commerce, you can start looking at any business as a potential international business. It can break into the international market at any moment.

3. Money on My Mind: Finance

If you’ve been glued to your Wall Street Journal pages, and Yahoo finance statistics, you’ll like majoring in finance.

Having a goal of working for investment firms, backs, or brokerage will require gaining a solid understanding of the financial and money markets, as well as a strong eye for details and portfolio management.

Within your major, you’ll get to learn all about corporate finance, business strategy, financial analysis, and statistics.

4. Manager of People: Business Management

Business isn’t all about crushing numbers. As a matter of fact, a business that fails to properly manage its employees and motivate its people towards a common goal is a dying business.

If you choose to go the management route, you’ll get to explore business operations, human and information resources.

It’s a great way to get a foundational understanding of how business functions in general.

5. Lovers of Branding and Storytelling: Marketing

If you find yourself more interested in the autobiographies of entrepreneurs and the origin stories of different brands, then going for a marketing major is a good option.

After all, marketing is a field that will give you a well-rounded exposure to business foundations, market research, consumer behavior, in addition to your regular marketing niches like branding, and promotion.

Ready to Enter the World of Business?

We know that choosing business majors, especially the right fit for your future ambitions can be rather overwhelming.

Hopefully, our little breakdown of the top five business major categories has shed some light on your different options.

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