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5 Easy Growth Hacks You Can Implement with Your Magento Store

Magento is one of the most popular platforms for online commerce. It is an open-source platform that is written in PHP. You can use both the free version and paid one: Enterprise with advanced functionality, support for your online store, or CMS Magento Go, running in the cloud storage. Using Magento from a Magento development company, you will give quick growth to your online store. And these simple tips will help your clients to acquire a great customer experience which will lead to your Magento e-business growth.

  1. Coupons and discounts. Everyone loves discounts. So, why not supply your clients with them when they visit your e-store. What can you ask in return? You can ask your clients to sign up for your mailing list. What will you get? Firstly, you will induce your clients to make a purchase if they have a discount. Secondly, they will be added to your mailing list.
  2. Use social media to promote and sell your products. Social media is a great place to start promoting and selling your products. However, you must have an extensive database of followers to sell your products successfully. So, your social media page must contain top-quality content to attract new subscribers and make your current subscribers follow you. To succeed and have good sales, apply tools like Instagram Feed for Magento 2 to give your clients the possibility to buy from your Insta feed.
  1. Use videos. Videos are an important tool that will help you to sell your products effectively. Make them brief but informative and interesting. People will share your videos, thereby making advertising for your products.
  2. WhatsApp and SMS mailing list. SMS-ing is a great thing to boost your e-business. A lot of people will read your message, and some of them will become your clients. WhatsApp is also a great tool to improve your e-business. It has an extensive database of users who can potentially become your clients.
  3. Scarcity and urgency. When your clients know that the number of products is limited, it induces them to purchase a product as soon as possible. Moreover, you can announce that the product will be available for a certain time.


Why to open an e-store with Magento?

What are the advantages of Magento, and why to open your e-store with it?

  • Open Source. One of the features that attract thousands of developers to use Magento is that it has an open-source.
  • Magento Community. If you encounter any problems with your e-store, you can always rely on the reliable Magento Community. With the help of its qualified professionals, you will be able to create a first-class e-commerce store.
  • It helps you perform various tasks simultaneously. Magento saves you time by managing all sales operations, including products, invoices, and customer information, through a user-friendly interface.
  • High-performance characteristics. It ensures that its users will never have to face problems related to page loading time, slow query processing, and other dynamic or static operations. This ensures optimal performance of the store with minimal use of server resources.
  • Mobile experience. It is compatible with smartphones and other devices.
  • SEO Friendly. It offers an excellent Search Engine Optimization package that helps you find your e-commerce store in various search engines.

Magento is one of the most widely used online store management systems in the world. If you are planning to move over to Magento 2, magento migration services by Elogic will be helpful. By applying Magento, you will turn your e-store into a well-organized, profitable business.




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