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Why Has The Big Bang Became Hublot’s Flagship Model?


Every luxury watch brand has a certain model that made it so famous all over the world. Rolex has the Daytona and the Submariner. Patek Philippe has the Nautilus and Tudor has the Black Bay. These famous models become famous not just because of their design and features but also because they symbolize the vision of the brand they represent. This is certainly true with Hublot and the Big Bang model. Unlike the big daddies of the luxury watch, Hublot is a relatively young watch brand, first envisioned and established by an Italian named Carlo Crocco in 1980.

But despite being such a young brand, Hublot made itself different from other watch brands by creating watches that show Carlo’s insights on designs that make watches unique. The Big Bang Watches, despite being developed more recently in 2005, have taken the Hublot brand to different heights that no one could have thought.

History of the Hublot Big Bang Watch

Hublot’s website describes the Hublot Big Bang Watch as its “flagship model.” From that description alone, you could see the huge importance the brand has placed on this model since it was first unveiled in 2005. Hublot watches were always known for their porthole-shaped watch cases and rubber straps. In fact, the name “Hublot” itself is a French word meaning “porthole” in English, so the brand’s name is already a clear giveaway as to the design of its timepieces. The Hublot Big Bang still has these characteristics, but the model was redefined in a fresh and creative way.

When businessman and watchmaker Jean Claude-Bivet joined Hublot one year before the release of the Big Bang Watch line, he wanted to rejuvenate the Hublot brand, as the owner Carlo Crocco had become preoccupied with watch designing and charitable activities and he needed someone who could manage his watchmaking business. Bivet had the vision to fuse the traditional with the futuristic, and hence the Big Bang Watch was born. After it was released, the timepiece elevated Hublot to massive success, and customers became interested in this unique watch.

The Hublot Big Bang Watch also won awards such as the “2005 Design Prize” in the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix. Bivet realized that for the watch to continue being successful, the Big Bang Watch has to evolve even further. Therefore, Hublot released new variations of the watch, each having its own complications and made from different materials.

The Big Bang Watch also defied the limits of luxury watch designs by introducing color combinations that were previously unheard of in the industry, such as Tutti Frutti and Black Lemon. Hublot also experimented with various materials and abandoned conventional ones such as gold and stainless steel, making the Big Bang Watch stand out even more.

Further Development of the Hublot Big Bang Watch

The Hublot Big Bang Watch further evolved into several different versions, each with its own defining characteristics. Therefore, no two watches from the Big Bang Watch line are the same when talking about design or features. Nonetheless, Big Bang watches are known for having an imposing outer design, which is achieved by watch cases that could go up to 45 mm and by having a wide bezel as well.

Many versions of the Big Bang Watch also feature H-shaped screws that hold the bezel in place, which has edges on a 90-degree angle. The similarities would end there, as the Big Bang Watch could be described as a timepiece with many faces. For example, it features a One-Click series that has bright colors while the Big Bang Italia Independent is more casual.

The Big Bang Watch line is not only diverse in design, but in size as well. While the watch case of a Hublot Big Bang Watch could go as big as 45 mm, men and women could also choose smaller watch cases if they prefer a less imposing watch on their wrist. Aside from the 45 mm, the available watch case sizes for the Big Bang Watch line include 38, 39, 41, and 44 mm. The 38-mm model is available in either gold, steel, or ceramic and is adorned with diamonds while the 39-mm model is also known as “One Click.” But regardless of the watch case size you choose, the Big Bang Watch also comes with natural rubber straps, which make these watches stand out even more.

The more recent models also have amazing features, such as the Unico Perpetual Calendar with its perpetual calendar module and the Unico GMT with its second-time zone and a day-night display function.

Is The Hublot Big Bang A Luxury Watch?

The Hublot Big Bang Watch has caused a stir since it was introduced in 2005. While it has thrust Hublot into the luxury watch scene, increased the brand’s sales, and amplified its reputation in the watchmaking industry, it has also become a subject of criticism. Even if the Big Bang Watch line has won several awards internationally, the model drew criticism for being a rip-off of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. This is an interesting fact, as many watch brands fiercely compete with one another to create watches that would be unmatched in the industry, be it in terms of design, mechanism, or both.

Another reason for the hate that Hublot Big Bang Watches (and the Hublot brand in general) is because the brand is said to be marketed towards people who only like to buy expensive things and not for people who are passionate towards watches and horology. But whether you hate or love Hublot, there is still no denying that the Hublot Big Bang Watch is not made for the masses.

One example of this is the Unico 45, an “affordable” version of the Big Bang Watch made from titanium priced around 15,800 USD. This may seem less compared to other watches from the big brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe, but this price is no joke. Not everyone could afford to buy a watch worth around 15,000 USD, even for passionate watch collectors. But regardless of what watch collectors feel about Hublot, the design, materials, and especially the price of the Hublot Big Bang Watch and its variations make it a luxury watch. After all, it is the model that made Hublot well-known to the watchmaking industry and many of us could not imagine what Hublot would look like without it.


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