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Penji: A Platform For Graphic Design Services


Because of the growing influence of social media graphic design services have become the staple in business operations. It needs high frequency and visual content to be one step ahead of others.

If you are looking for the most influential representative of the new service providers then Penji is the best one. What is Penji? It is a contract-free, flat-free service that offers a lot of design projects for busy business owners.

Penji is the leading on demand graphic design service in today’s market. The founders of Penji are Johnathan Grzybowski and Khai Tran, they launched Penji to help entrepreneurs by providing them reliable designs.

A few years back Penji had a handful of clients, but it has entered into the big gigs. Penji is on the mission to help small businesses and increase their qualities.

Penji provides on-demand graphic designs at very affordable prices. Unlimited graphic designs of Penji have been used by a lot of organizations. This graphic design service is extremely fast and efficient.

Penji also provides subscription-based design services.

An online subscription is given by the Penji to its customers. Anyone can get unlimited graphic-designed projects through Penji.

From all these discussions we came to know that one does not need to assemble a house team for graphic design services, rather he should get help from the vast pool of designers and developers who are working for Penji.

Now we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Penji for the business.

Pros of

For advertising channels, brands frequently need a marketing graphics designer. For example social media etc. If you have a subscription to Penji you can have your own magic army of designers on your own demand. One can hire them on the basis of projects.

Unlimited graphic designs, web and app designs, illustrations, and infographics are offered by Penji. Penji is beneficial if you have tight schedules. Along with that customers will not have to pay hourly or daily rates.

Penji unlimited graphic design services can be used monthly by paying their bills. They will not bother you again and again.

Some businesses which are new may have a small budget, they can have many problems relating to the demands of the graphic designs. As Penji is having a fixed paying rate monthly one can easily afford them.

As we have said, there are a lot of designers at Penji; but we must keep in mind that Penji hires top 2 percent of the designers. This means that you need not to worry about the quality of the designs. They will be experienced and experts in their fields.

The graphic designers of the Penji are highly knowledgeable about the trends and principles. They know each and every latest industrial tool and service.

In order to have experience, these designers have worked with well-known designing firms. This will add a feature of professional guidance to their skills.

The design process of Penji is seamless, they have built a custom online platform. You do not need to roam around for reviewing, downloading and many others are available at Penji.

They don’t deal with paperwork, a client can cancel his subscription any time anywhere in the world. They have given this freedom for the ease of their clients. Within 90 days of resubscription of Penji clients can have access to their documents.

They also offer 15 days money-back guarantee for their clients so we can say that it is risk-free.

Cons of

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. So people must keep in mind the other side of the story to get not deceived by the firms. But Penji has minor drawbacks. Don’t worry.

One might think that the flat monthly fee is a blessing for the organization, but when we think about those whose designs vary from month to month. Here the fixed plans of Penji might not offer value during these months. There can also be the issue of low demand. Before using Penji keep this in mind.

Here we can see another problem, we are given designers by Penji, which can be changed by Penji any time, so you may not get the desired designers. The others may not be available or they may have been busy in some other task. If you want to have just a few designers then Penji won’t suit you.

The newly hired designers may not be familiar with your working plan or your desired schedule of work. There can be consequences so keep this in mind..

There can be a problem for those who prefer verbal communication because here there is no possibility to talk on the phone, they offer emails or messages, etc. This can be a drawback.

Keeping all the cons and pros in mind use the Penji graphic design services you will be satisfied with the work.


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