A Beginner’s Guide to Rough Country Jeep Parts


Lifting a Jeep is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of in-depth research, adequate planning, and finding the appropriate tools/hardware. Also keeping in mind the bucks spent during the process for aftermarket parts and installation charges, it’s all worth it when you drive your jeep over the slopes of a hill or across the sand-oriented plains.

 You might already own an ordinary 4×4 jeep but you are aware of the fact that your stock vehicle cannot handle hardcore off-roading. A stock jeep might let you enjoy bumpy roads, but it could never last an off-road terrain. To prevent your car from breaking down due to rough terrains, you need to upgrade your vehicle’s suspensions.

What Do You Want Your Jeep to Be?

The first step of upgrading your jeep is to identify what are your needs or what output do you require from your vehicle. It’s completely up to you whether to turn your Jeep into a steel monster or drive around in a factory default jeep with minor up-gradations. This decision will determine how much effort and money will be put into your jeep customization project.

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Once you’ve decided on your desired results from the project, the next step is to look for top-notch products for your jeep. Rough Country provides a wide range of durable jeep parts that will help you to build your off-roading beast.

Suspension Line

The suspension line in jeeps is modified to provide more ground clearance and a comfortable all-terrain ride. Rough Country’s suspension line covers everything you need for your project. You can find all the suspension components including arms, brake lines, axle u-bolt kits, universal lift blocks, etc under one roof.


The stabilizer will fix your jeep’s bump steer and flight steering issues. It will increase the overall stability of your vehicle. It will promote ride comfort and provide a better driving experience. Stabilizers require extreme care because they rust easily. Any stabilizer affected by corrosion will have a negative impact on your vehicle’s performance.

Shock Absorbers

As the name suggests, shock absorbers are used to diminish the bump effect and maintain the ride comfort level. Shock absorbers dampen the compression and keep the tires in contact with the road at all times. Their job is to control the unwanted and excessive spring motion which distorts the stability of a vehicle.

Lift Shackles

Lift shackles are used to increase the ground clearance and balance the front and rear ends of your vehicle, so you could drive on mountainous terrains. The Jeep adjustable lift shackles offer an easy bolt-on installation. The process of installation varies from 45 minutes to three hours, depending on your skill. Lift shackles are made of 3/8-inch thick steel and feature rounded corners to avoid interference problems.

 While the suspension isn’t the first thing people notice about your Jeep, you still have the satisfaction of knowing that your ride delivers hardcore results on all terrains.

Jeep Exterior Parts

Everyone desires to customize their vehicle so it could stand out. Rough Country offers everything from fender flares to bed covers to add some volume to the outlook of your jeep. You can install stainless steel bull-bars to the front of your vehicle for extra protection against an impact and an aggressive layout. Wheel to wheel nerfs steps can be installed even without a body lift. For a perfect fit and neat look, the bar is positioned high and tight. This design is solid one-piece construction.

Jeep Interior Parts

The most vital up-gradation for off-roading is a roll cage. Your vehicle is prone to rolling over upside down while off-roading at a high speed, which could result in a fatal accident. You might want to install the best quality roll cage as its sole purpose is to save your life in case of a disaster.

 This beginner’s guide will help you to discover a new realm of jeep parts and once you enter, there’s no going back because the variety of various jeep parts offered by Rough Country is colossal.


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