5 YouTube Videos H*ck for More Engagement


Enhancing engagement on YouTube is closely tied to the excellence of your videos. Video quality, encompassing content, videography, and presentation, significantly influences viewership and audience engagement. Yet, crafting compelling YouTube content requires more than that. Naturally, your content must be engaging in itself. To achieve this, explore the capabilities of various video conferencing apps for improved production quality and interactivity.

But, it is also important to attract new viewers to gain more YouTube subscribers in order to scale up your engagement metrics. To do so, it is important to level up the overall quality of your YouTube videos by improvising your content and optimizing your presentation.

But what is it that makes a viewer watch your video from start to end without getting distracted? If you want to know, then check out the following simple yet effective ways in which your videos can get more views and generate more engagement than ever on your YouTube channel.

YouTube Video Hacks to Get More Engagement

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Keep Your Videos Short and Crisp –

You might think that longer videos will get you more watch hours and hence, help you monetize your channel faster. However, as pleasing as it sounds, this is not so. The attention span of audiences today is seriously dwindling and becoming shorter than ever.

This is why shorter YouTube videos will have more views as compared to longer videos relaying the same content. As such, there is a better chance to increase the watch time of your channel through 5 shorter videos than 1 long video.

Further, creating shorter videos does not mean that you skip the highlights of your content. Instead, it means that your videos should get to those highlights right away.

If you are keen on posting a video with a longer duration, then make sure your content is well-structured and categorized. Compartmentalizing your content has the potential to hold the audience on your video, than content that is all haywire.

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Attract with Impressionable Thumbnails –

YouTube video thumbnails are the factor based on which a user will decide whether to watch your content or not in the first place. This means that here is your chance to get more YouTube views and improve engagement on your channel. And, that without having to buy YouTube views from third-party websites.

You can use custom thumbnails or a particular screenshot from your video. Also, you can add short, attractive text pieces to draw more attention. A YouTube video thumbnail should ideally be compelling enough to reveal what’s in store for the viewer. However, it should not give away the crux of the content in its entirety either.

A-Pro Tip – Use the ‘rule of thirds’ which is a tenet of compelling photography. According to this rule, two-thirds of a photograph should have the object in focus, while the rest of it should directly focus on the object through negative emphasis. This is proven to get more conversions than with congested YouTube thumbnails.

Adding a YouTube intro is also very important.  The primary reason is that a good intro will easily establish who you are and what your video is all about. You can use tools like video intro maker to help you create stunning intros that will make your viewers keep watching till the end.

Invite Guests, Host Conversations –

Whatever your niche is, this is one of the best ways to boost engagement on your YouTube videos. Be it another expert in your field or any influential person that you think would add value to your YouTube content. You could invite them to do a video conversation, a leisurely talk show, or a straightforward collaboration.

However, please ensure that the collaboration is around a theme that matches your overall YouTube persona. In this way, you will deliver more value for your audience. Also, it will boost your credibility as a YouTuber in the community of the YouTuber with whom you are collaborating.

When the audience likes your content, they will inevitably like and comment on your video. Further, you might also gain more YouTube subscribers from the influencer you are affiliating with. Together, this will boost your YouTube video engagement.

Nail the Audio and Video Quality –

Focusing on video and audio quality is crucial to get more engagement and gain more YouTube subscribers. Bad sound quality and poor videography or photography steal away the x-factor even if your content is qualitative and unique. Investing in high-resolution videography, design, and audio effects can potentially make your channel a hit.

At the same time, considering factors such as loading time is also central in determining if your videos get more or fewer viewers. Now, spending on video or audio quality might come off as a financial hustle for you especially if you are just starting out.

But, please note that stellar video and audio are such a payoff once your channel begins to get recognition. It has the potential to retain more viewers and keep them hooked while watching a video. Thereby, saving you the need to buy YouTube views.

Leverage Features Like YouTube Cards and End Screens –

This is a proven tactic to get more YouTube engagement by directly influencing the audiences watching your video. YouTube Cards are clickable areas that appear while a video is running. Now, this can become a way to buy YouTube views without however spending a penny. YouTube cards allow you to link other videos or better still, playlists on your videos.

So, if a user is viewing a video on your channel, YouTube cards can potentially direct him to other videos on your channel. End screens are even more valuable because they indicate that a viewer has reached the end of your video. And if someone has done so, they might be indicatively interested in your content.

Now, you can leverage this feature by promoting other videos to get more engagement and more views on YouTube. Both these features maintain the flow of your audience and hence, bring the best conversion rates.


While you can buy YouTube views and gain more YouTube subscribers by paying websites for these services, they will not last long. Neither will they show as much engagement as you can potentially generate by investing time and effort in the quality of your YouTube videos and content.

Therefore, if you want to up your YouTube engagement figures, then try out the aforementioned YouTube video hacks. After applying these effective methods to your videos, your channel will begin to expand in reach organically. As such, more viewers and subscribers are sure to come your way.


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