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How to Find a PG near your Workplace in Hyderabad?


Hyderabad, the city of nawabs is amongst one of the topmost choices of migrant students and professionals, as it is home to many MNCs and reputed educational institutions of the country. With the rise in migration over the years, the first quest most new people embark on is to find themselves the best PG in Hyderabad that fulfills all their needs and falls within their budget.

For most newcomers, PGs that have mushroomed in various localities of Hyderabad are a popular choice. In particular, there has been a rapid rise in rental accommodation and PGs in the vicinity of IT parks business hubs, and commercial complexes, as working professionals, in particular, opt for choices that are conveniently located from their offices. These definitely allow them to cut down on the hassles of daily commute like traffic snarls, difficulty in getting transportation, etc. which can take a toll on your time, energy, and expenses.

But it’s not only important to find a hostel in Hyderabad that is conveniently located, but one that takes care of all your daily living needs. Managed accommodation operated by a professional player like Stanza Living works out as a good option as they are all-inclusive places that are located in an around popular area of the city and are good value for money.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways through which you can find rental accommodation in Hyderabad that’s closer to your workspace:

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Do your Research Well

Study the region around your workplace and chalk out areas that work out for you. Check that these places aren’t isolated, are well-connected to major roadways, and have all amenities for daily living in the near vicinity. Also, check for the type of accommodation options available across price points and the facilities that get covered within your rent amount so that monthly expenses remain in control. Also, check for what you can adjust to and what are absolute necessities and then draw up a list of places that you want to consider. You can get loads of information online – from facilities to reviews that allow you to wean out some choicest places.

Another source is office colleagues who might have moved to the city like you and have had experience staying in various locations. A visit to your shortlisted accommodation, taking reviews from residents and neighbors, and having detailed conversations with landlords on what will be included should be next on the cards, before you zero-in on a place.

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Factor in Budgets Before Finalizing a Place

It is extremely important to know what the genuine monthly cost of a place will be, before signing the lease. Some residences might appear to have lower upfront rent costs but might lack amenities like basic furniture, basic appliances, might charge overhead utility bills, and even need you to factor in extra costs for meals, housekeeping, etc.

Further, it is important that all provisions are mentioned in the lease agreement so there is no discrepancy in rent vs promised amenities. You should be on the lookout for a value for money place like a professionally managed accommodation, that factors all these things in, allowing you to keep a rein on monthly expenditure while enjoying the comfort of accessing all amenities and facilities conveniently.

Check for a Well-connected Place

A place that is well-connected and has good transportation facilities should be high on your priority list. Should you be working late in the office, a well-connected place makes it easy to access transport and manage your daily life situations without any worries. Similarly, stepping out and chilling on the weekend becomes so much easier as you have easy transportation, multiple hangout options, etc that give you an opportunity to really soak up the vibe of a new place.

These are some of the ways through which one can find a PG in Hyderabad that is close to their work area. Also, you can reach out to Stanza Living online they have some amazing abodes to offer where you can search between the options as well.


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