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Designer Combines Different Objects To Create Brilliant Minimal Logos


Indonesian graphic designer Rendy Cemix combines two differant objects to creates brilliant minimalistic and well meaningful logos.

Though these logo designs looks quite simple, but as a newbie designer i can understand it takes a broad concept mind to create such beautiful and clever logos.

When it comes to designing a logo from scratch, almost every designer will search the brand name or relevant indsutry on google to get the ideas for google. But rendy cemix went beyond the old stealing concept trends. His hard work in a creative way is also a lesson for the other designers.

Brilliant Minimalist Logos Design Ideas By Rendy CeMix

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Checkout his brilliant work and don’t forget to follow him on dribbble and instagram.



In conclusion, the creative approach of combining different objects to create brilliant minimal logos opens up a world of possibilities for designing unique and captivating fitness logos, gym logos, and logo ideas. By blending various elements and using minimalistic design principles, designers can create logos that are visually striking and memorable.

These logos embody simplicity and elegance while effectively communicating the essence of a brand. So, if you’re seeking logo inspiration that goes beyond traditional design techniques, explore the world of combining different objects to create minimal logos.

Let your imagination soar, experiment with different combinations, and craft a logo that truly represents your fitness or gym brand. Start your creative journey today and unleash the power of minimalism in logo design.


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