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What Does the Hanged Man Mean in Tarot Cards?

The Hanged Man is a Tarot card that combines danger and attractive power. It shows obstacles, problems, and hanging situations. On the other hand, the Arcana speaks of lofty ideals and selflessness. It is the willingness to give up comfort for the sake of a spiritual impulse. The main Hanged Man Tarot card meanings are:

  • Forced, suspended situation or ambiguity.
  • Slowdown, dependent position, the appearance of obstacles.
  • An attempt to play for time or dodge responsibility.

In the Upright position, nothing depends on the querent right now, so it makes no sense to be active. The asking person can only wait and hope for the best.


Reversed Position: What does the Hanged Man mean in Tarot cards?

In an inverted position, the card defines a vain victim. Everything you make will be in vain. However, the hero may take the right position and easily get out of the trap. But they don’t do this, which means that there are good reasons. The one who asks with his own hands builds a wall, bricks himself up, and closes himself from success. Tarot card meanings Hanged Man also symbolize the following:

  • Invented problems.
  • Laziness
  • Dead end.

In some cases, the inverted Hanged Man indicates a quick solution to the problem. The task, in fact, will turn out to be much simpler than at first glance.

Tarot card the Hanged Man in Love

If you are asked “What does the Hanged Man mean in Tarot cards in questions of love” then the answer is a victim. A person is forced to stay on the sidelines so that his or her partner can enjoy life carelessly. Often such a situation is typical for hyper-responsible people. In other cases, the card simply shows a difficult period, the couple is going through a crisis. The Hanged Man Tarot card meanings also define the following:

  • Blind love.
  • Solving the problems of the second half to the detriment of oneself.
  • Self-sacrifice for your object of love.

For singles, the Hanged Man predicts getting stuck in the aspect of love. In the near future, you can not expect cardinal changes. Some business or duties interfere with building your personal life. Therefore, it is worth looking for the cause of loneliness not in people themselves, but in the responsibility placed on their shoulders.

Work and finance Tarot card meanings Hanged Man

In the context of work, the card indicates organizations involved in the imposition of restrictions, banks, or financial institutions. The one who asks cannot find a job for a long time. The salary from the previous place may be delayed. As for other Hanged Man Tarot card meanings, consider these ones:

  • Business put on pause; delays in monthly payments.
  • Permanent unemployment or the need to borrow from relatives.
  • The habit of living “in debt” and the inability to grab a job.
  • No perspectives on the job.

At the same time, the Tarot card of the Hanged Man symbolizes the struggle for financial flourish. However, the person doesn’t do anything for achieving this aim. Therefore, the financial situation is very deplorable. There also may be large debts. In this regard, Arcana focuses on “poor” thinking. Such people prefer spending every penny, they are easily influenced by advertising. However, shopaholism and short-sightedness lead to complete failure. The card recommends pulling yourself together and starting to think about your future.


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