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Exactly What You Need To Know Before Switching to iPhone X

The iPhone X was recently unveiled and everyone is talking about the new gadget from Apple and how a big surprise it was to the tech industry. But not many got a complete preview into the gadget to understand what new and amazing features have been added. On top of the awesome additions have also been tweaks to various parts of the phone to make it more powerful, and that is probably the reason it is tagged as the best phone ever. Although the design of the phone was leaked many weeks before the launch, there is still a lot of people are yet to know about it.

Switching to iPhone X

Alissa Davis has also taken some time to review the new iPhone X, and her opinion of the gadget is that it is one of the best phones ever. Alissa is a business management graduate and she works at as the senior vice president in customer satisfaction. Here are some of the things she shares that you should know about the iPhone X before you implement your decision to switch from earlier versions of the latest gadget.

A return to glass with massive screens

The iPhone X sports an OLED panel as the company drops the LCD display system used on previous models in the iPhone series. However, what is more, interesting is the fact that for the first time Apple has decided to do away with the home button and that is in a bid to give room for an all-screen display that would come in handy among users who would love the experience. This is coupled with a powerful Super Retinal display that offers you a super colorful display, which achieves great contrast and holds higher resolution.

A-return-to-glass-with-massive-screensPhoto Credit: Portal GDA on Flickr

There are no bezels and this has come also as the need to provide an all-screen display pushed further. Basically, the design in itself is refreshing and new, something that also many thinks is a nightmare especially among UX designers, who have to adopt a new style to match the requirements of the new operating system and hardware changes. Since the iPhone 5s, Apple did not use glass on the rear side of the phone, but this has been brought back with the iPhone X. What is good to note is noting that the glass used on the iPhone X, according to Apple, is the strongest ever to be used on a phone.

Animoji; what are these?

You might have heard about the animoji feature and wondered what it exactly is or how it helps to make the phone a better choice. Well, this is for those who love messaging on various platforms. Basically, animojis are animated emojis, but these are not just your average emojis. They are generated based on your facial expression, so Apple incorporated an algorithm that scans your face to collect data about your expression and using this data the algorithm generates an emoji that matches your mood. It is a great leap for those who love messaging as it adds some flavor to your messaging experience.

See Animoji explained and demonstrated in this video:

Remember, it’s no longer a Lock Button

The Lock Button as users knew it in the previous versions of the iPhone is replaced with a longer button, which is now referred to as a Side Button. And the new button also comes with several commands embedded on it. When you hold on to it, the button will invoke Siri, but when you double-click it Apple Pay opens. These are simpler ways to access the said apps, and Apple shifted the commands in this manner due to the elimination of the home button, which was responsible for opening some of the apps. The re-design was inevitable as the iPhone X is focused on ensuring its interface and overall image is less cluttered and simple for the user.

Quad-LED flash with Slow Sync

Apple combined Slow Sync with a slow shutter speed and short strobe pulse to ensure when you film in low light you are able to achieve a brighter foreground subject and a clearly exposed background. The iPhone X offers flash illumination that is twice as uniform, something that helps to reduce hot spots when you take photos or videos. Those who love photography will appreciate the new technology as it gives them a chance to enjoy an experience akin to a professional photographer.

New video encoder

The iPhone X also features a new video encoder designed and developed by Apple. The beauty about the encoder is that it works in tandem with HEVC compression to create reduced file sizes, meaning you can now compress the sizes of your images and videos without losing the quality. It is a powerful feature that is meant to help you save space and ensure you enjoy the ultimate pleasure of storing all the data you like on your phone.

Portrait lighting

According to Apple, the portrait lighting feature utilizes a sophisticated algorithm that helps by calculating the way your facial features interact with light. The data collected from this is then used to create lighting effects that make it easier to control lighting when you are using the camera. Some of the lighting effects you will get include Contour Light, Studio Light, and Stage Light. The phone is also calibrated for augmented reality, so when it comes to artificial intelligence you will get an immersive experience never enjoyed before. It comes with deeper pixels to allow you better viewership when using virtual reality.

Watch more about this incredible upgrade to phone photography:

Security with Face ID

Another feature that has been given special attention by Apple is the security technology used. Apple embraced the Face ID security technology, and this came at the expense of the fingerprint scanning system that would be used when unlocking your phone. With the Face ID, you are able to unlock your phone by simply swiping up and bringing it before your face. Apple invested in the design of a face recognition algorithm, and according to the company, there is only 1:1,000,000 chances someone can dupe the system, which translates to the phone being impenetrable unless you give access.

Bonus Video: iPhone X — A Guided Tour by Apple


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