Managed WordPress Hosting vs Shared Hosting

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Hosting is an important part of online business. Be sure about the plan that certainly meets your requirements and ideas. This is critical to serve a fast or safe and sound website for your people. On the other side, the selected plan can have a direct effect on your website’s receiving. The objective of this article is to compare shared and managed WordPress hosting.

Maybe you’ve come through these standings in advance, but are not however understanding a few things, like What are the advantages of managed WordPress hosting? Is it means the added cost? Is it value switching from shared to managed? The variance between Managed and Shared WordPress hosting is unrepresentative and complex and comes down to the intent of use. Have an overview of both services.

A Bird’s-Eye View

Shared hosting is naturally a low-cost means of web hosting services. It pays attention to the collective requirements of a large number of websites at a very low cost. Whether they are sustained by WordPress or not.
On the other side, the managed WordPress hosting accommodates a very particular market serving with very high-pitched WordPress-improved servers along with various innovative services. This means that managed WordPress hosting is classically an exceptional system of hosting from all aspects than the others.

The Trouble with Shared Hosting

There are many problems with shared hosting. Most of them are coming from its business model. Although the accounts are cheap. Because a large number of users are just put on one server. This will result in the so-called “bad neighbor effect”.

The server which contains a large number of users has a fixed memory storage. And if the web puts more users than its capacity this will harm its fair share of available memory. The remaining other websites engaged on the same server will practice disputes due to this one “bad neighbor”. This particularly means that one disturbed website may cause thousands of other sites to work sluggishly or in a very poor scenario.

In these cases, hast may be helpless to determine such issues. While the websites engaged in shared hosting are not trustworthy due to resource constriction (because resources must be shared by a large number of users) and the fact that circumstances of shared hosting must, usually communicated, be capable of the path a large selection of applications (that is not only WordPress), they are very frequently much sluggish than the managed WordPress hosting equivalents.

The Pluses of Managed WordPress Hosting

Engaging your site with WordPress hosting will let you be capable of effectually dodging the “bad neighbor” issue completely. But it also grasps many benefits as under:

All about managed hosting servers is enhanced to run WordPress. Contrary to it, shared hosts need to be able to run any kind of platform/application, so they have to pay for all the WordPress-specific modification and fine-tuning that coped WordPress hosts are capable to do. In addition to it, all things from hardware to the software are erected on WordPress websites.

All in one is that engaging any website on managed WordPress hosting can be able to minimize the load of a webpage, and boost it by any server in any location. Therefore, managed WordPress has a lot of benefits for your website:

  • It’s amazingly speedy. Every facet of the server has been pinched to supply to WordPress’s system. This level of hosting can habitually minimize page load speeds by a second or further.
  • The server is all the time up to date. The group of professionals who accomplishes your hosting will always confirm that the server is successively running the up-to-date and latest software. so that your site will execute as capably as potential. Their aim is to retain you, and your website, blissful.
  • Committed backing. The committed team professionals who run managed WordPress hosting accounts are normally WordPress specialists. And they are ready to always look after your site.
  • Augmented uptime. Meanwhile, your website will be allocating funds with fewer websites, and in some circumstances, none, your site is capable to use a larger percentage of the server resources.
  • It’s considerably safer than houses. This form of hosting compromises improved security conventions and more personalized attention. Plus, if you do get hacked you’ll have a backing team of professionals who have knowledge of WordPress-specific attacks.

Drawbacks of Managed WordPress Hosting

Meanwhile managed to host is a personalized hosting solution. There are some limitations or drawbacks that are attached to advanced service. From time to time, there are also restrictions on the amount of customization you can do through your site.

Some managed WordPress hosts would not permit your site to practice definite plugins. Consequently, if your site needs definite plugins to process, and those plugins are on the1 host’s restricted list, then you might need to catch another hosting alternative.


Now you have good knowledge about shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting. Therefore it is concluded that if you are engaging a WordPress website for hosting and have $30 per month extra, then you should surely make the switch to a managed WordPress host. Once your online business can have the funds to do that, then it will almost certainly be worth moving away from shared hosting.


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