The Cheaper Version Of iPhone X Will Also Have The Facial Recognition Technology

iphone x cheaper version

Some rumors are floating around that Apple is about to launch a cheap version of iPhone X. Now, we have some more details about this cheaper version. According to rumors, the cheaper version of iPhone X will also have the facial recognition technology. This technology is the highlight of the upcoming iPhone.

Cheaper Version Of iPhone X

The cheaper version of iPhone X needs to have a reduced cost. Since FaceID is the key feature of iPhone X, it is important for Apple to include it in the cheaper version too. In the future, you will be able to distinguish between Apple products based on the screen size and camera. In the long run, Apple will eliminate the fingerprint identification from its devices. 

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Prior to this, the Taiwan Economic Daily reported that Apple is quietly developing iPhone X low-cost version. This low-cost version of the iPhone X will be launched early next year, mainly in the Chinese market. According to media analysis, iPhone X low-cost version will switch from OLED screen to  LCD screen is inevitable. Face ID technology will be retained. If Apple is unable to reduce cost, it might make more sense to have the fingerprint sensor in this version.

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Coming to the price range, it is expected that the price will be around 830 USD. If all goes well, sales of the cheaper version of iPhone X might even surpass that of iPhone 8.  


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