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Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends For 2017 & 2018

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends

2017 and beyond will be pivotal in the evolution of different digital marketing trends. Here are the 10 most popular digital marketing trends:

  1. Full Speed Mobile App Development
  2. Searches on mobile have outperformed searches on PCs or tablets and this trend will continue to increase in 2017.

    Additionally, Google’s app indexing is encouraging app developers to build more apps in 2017.

    Although, we are still years away from apps completely replacing websites, business owners are realizing their potential.

    E-commerce like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc are witnessing an increase in mobile transaction volume.

  3. Mobile Wearable Devices are Popular
  4. Wearable devices like Samsung Gear S3, Apple Watch, Jawbone UP4 and Microsoft Band 2 are very popular.

    In the future, online experiences will need to be optimized for such small screens to ensure high-quality user experience.

    Digital marketers will have to cope with this challenge. Wearable mobile devices are payment-enabled technology. They are poised to change e-commerce and offer a greater level of personalization.

  5. Video Ads
  6. Video Ads are a very popular trend of 2017 and will dominate the future. Video ads are frequently getting featured in search engine page results (SERPs).

    Search engines like YouTube and Google are very popular in featuring video ads. This reflects the acceptance of video ads among viewers.

  7. Social conversion
  8. Digital marketers no longer leverage social media channels only to attract prospects or leads. They are now using social media to increase conversion rates.

    For example, Snapchat has introduced Snapcash that allows payment through the app. Snapchat features Lancome and Target ads. Once a user completes a purchase, they are targeted to Lancome or Target mobile page.

  9. Mobile User Experience
  10. Online search on mobile is getting popular every day. Paying attention to this trend, digital marketers are embracing the “mobile first” strategy that aims to create an online experience exclusive for smartphones.

    In alignment with this trend, Google is launching the “mobile-first index” that ranks only that content on top position which is exclusively designed to be viewed and read on smartphones.

  11. Continuously Evolving Search Algorithm
  12. Change is the only constant for search engine algorithms. Search engine giants are always on their toes updating their algorithm. They do this as the internet gets filled with new information every second, so only a very powerful search engine algorithm can analyze and decide which content should or should not get priority.

    In order to cope with this, all digital marketers can do is to create original, informative content.

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  13. Artificial Intelligence for Customer Experience
  14. Artificial intelligence is the leading trend in digital marketing. AI is being quickly adopted by e-commerce companies.

    AI is unique in that it offers a helping hand to customers. AI based solutions empower consumers to navigate in an increasingly complex world. Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google’s Assistant have people engaging with AI powered digital assistants.

    They can perform a variety of tasks ranging from online shopping to mobile recharge to flight booking. AI has deep learning capabilities that enable real-time personalization, and consequently great customer satisfaction.

  15. Embrace Chatbots
  16. Chatbots have a strong presence in digital marketing and this will get even more mainstream.

    Enterprises like Pypestream,,, etc. are offering chatbots services and brands are adopting chatbots to enhance customer experience.

    Google Allo is leading the race.

    Communication with a chatbot is easy as it mimics the natural communication language.

    Chatbots helps to profile different customer preferences accurately. They are built to handle common inquiries and resolve high volume inquiries, thus delivering outstanding customer experience.

  17. Influencer Marketing
  18. Influencer Marketing is a very strong and emerging trend in the digital marketing landscape and its impact is so powerful that it merits a thorough inspection.

    It is the newest “go-to” strategy, and brands are eager to capitalize on this hot topic.

    Influencers have clear, decisive and defining voices in changing consumer perceptions and preferences. But the only struggle is how to measure it from the perspective of business results.

    Influencers are passionate brand advocates and they have prolific presence online and in social media.

  19. Video Content will Dominate
  20. Videos do create a strong impact in the minds of your viewers. As it is hugely favored by the audience, digital marketers are more likely to increase their budget in making videos.

    Images and videos are powerful and they can create a deeper impact on the emotion, and intellect of different people. We have seen an example of one of the most worst video of 10 hours has 4.8 Million Views On Youtube.

    Hence, it is advisable to not overrate the power of words. But to use videos and images to complement the words.

    Thus, in the digital marketing trends viewers are gravitating toward authentic, live-action, visual storytelling.


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