Most Worst Video of 10 Hours has 4.8 Million Views on Youtube


Hey Guys, Today I’m sharing something strange with you. Everyone is aware that Youtube is worlds most popular video streaming website so definitely mine favorite too. I usually watch motivational speeches, tutorial, and discover new trend on youtube. When I was in deep search of my up coming project, I happened to check this video’s time duration.

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I was deadly shocked to see that one of the worst youtube videos of 10 hours and 36 seconds long has 4.8 Million views so far on youtube. An other best part of this video is the comments section. which is full of sarcasm.

This video is taken from my and everyone’s favorite movie Harry Potter and deadly hallows part 2. The moment when Harry Potter was killed Voldemort announced it and laughed loudly. The only one-second clip is repeated to ten hours and thirty-six seconds. :O

Worst & Useless Video on Youtube

I still can’t believe my eyes. What the hell I just watched. though the video is from 2012 still it’s getting views on youtube. Just watch it your self and I hope you’re going to love it but can’t afford to watch it till the end.  :*


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  1. That’s funny. Just checked out the video.

    I dont think anybody watch the video till the end. A few seconds maybe…and you know that still counts as views.

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