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20+ Islamic Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes With Images

islamic birthday wishes

Asalam-0-alikum readers today i’m writing about beautiful Islamic birthday wishes & quotes for Muslim with pictures. Before you check out beautiful Islamic birthday greetings. I must need to clear few things.

Wishing or celebrating Birthday in Islam is quite sensitive topic, Some Ulma & Muftis say its prohibited in Islam. while other allow to celebrate birthday but without doing anything Haram. like extrovert and useless things in celebration. Then question raise how to celebrate?

Islamic Birthday Wishes & Greetings in English

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Well, birthday simply means we’re getting closer to death. So it should be a reminder for all of us. Whoever is going to celebrate his birthday must look back his whole and think what he has done for Jannah & Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) and what he could have done if he was on the proper way of Islam. One must regret his past moment which he spent without remembrance of Allah. I’m not so religious but I think if any Muslim want to celebrate his birthday or wishes to arrange a surprise birthday party for his beloved one then he must do something virtue something which pleases Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala). Keep your last year activities in your mind and imagine if you had died would you be in Jannah (Heaven) or Jahanum (Hell). ?

How Should a Muslim Celebrate His birthday?

  • Follow Hijri calendar
  • Visit poor families and celebrate your birthday with them.
  • Feed homeless people some cake, ask them to make some duas for you.
  • Do never forget to thank Allah for everything you have and you do not have.
  • Do list down sins you mostly committed in last year ask forgiveness from Allah and make sure not to commit them in future.
  • Make new Islamic task for the new year
  • Plan some good deeds do them regularly if possible.
  • Perform Nawafils and make duas as much as you can.

Note: These are not Islamic way to celebrate the birthday, But good ways to celebrate birthday for Muslims.

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Best Islamic Birthday Wishes & Messages With Images

Love is hard to find. I am really lucky to find you. This birthday i pray to Allah to make our bond of love stronger, and bless our life with love! Happy birthday my dear love. I love you a lot.


Birthday is the beginning of a new year of your life. I hope Allah sends his angles to care and guide you in the coming years ahead. Happy birthday!


May Allah fill your life with endless happy moments, countless wonderful surprises, and infinite success! Happy birthday dear friend.


May Allah bless you with a long life! this is my sincere prayer to Allah on your birthday. Happy Birthday!

islamic birthday wishes with images

Happy Birthday, Sister. wishing you happy & prosperous years ahead of you. May Allah bless you forever & always :) & well of course. stay fabulous!.


May Allah bless you with a healthy and happy life. May your All wishes come true. The can be my honest prayer to Allah on your birthday. Happy Birthday, Dear!


Allah really loves me, as he have blessed me with a husband like you! hope he adds more and more years of joy in your life, so that i can spend more and more years with you! Happy Birthday Honey.


So many wishes, So many smiles too many memories too few words with one big birthday happy birthday.


Allah loves you a lot. That is why he has blessed you with another year to live, to love and to enjoy! Happy birthday!


Patience and wisdom are two elements to live a happy and prosperous life. On this special day of yours, May Allah bless you with these two elements that are essential for a joyful life. I wish a happy life ahead!! Happy Birthday.


Wishing that Allah always bless your family with smiles, happiness, and togetherness.


Hey, it’s my birthday!!! being born into Islam is the biggest blessing of Allah.


Birthday is a special day to thank Allah for the beautiful gift which he has given to us.. A gift of life!! Treasure it, respect it and love it. Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday my dearest Daughter,
Its proud to be a parent of such a great blessing.
“Whoever has two daughters and treats them kindly, They will be a protection for him against Fire.” – (Muhammad Peace be upon him)


With Allah’s generosity and divine grace, I feel really lucky that he have someone so sweet and adorable like you in my life Happy Birthday.


As you blow the candles tonight, i silently make a wish to Allah, to guide you all your life, and to take care of you Every time!


Sending your way, beautiful and heartfelt wishes, On this special occasion of your birthday! May Allah bless you happy birthday.



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