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60+ Beautiful Allah Quotes & Sayings With Images

beautiful allah quotes about life with images

Asalam-o-alikum Guys Today I’m excited about sharing beautiful Islamic Quotes of Allah subhana wa’ ta’ala with images. Most of the following quotes I found on Pinterest and Tumblr. Before I get started with Allah Quotes. Let me make it clear to you guys that the actual meaning of Allah can not be found unless you read Quran. But just for my those brothers & sisters who’re not aware of religion Islam. Allah is the word used by Muslims to refer to God in Islam. Read Also: 40+ Prophet Muhammad Quotes

Let’s see what Quran says about Allah. 

Who is Allah? Allah – There is no deity except Him, the ever-living, the Sustainer of [all] existence. Neither drowsiness overtakes Him nor sleep. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. who is it that can intercede with Him except by His permission?

He knows what is [presently] before them and what will be after them, and they encompass not a thing of His knowledge except for what He wills. His kursi extents over the heavens and the earth, and their preservation tries Him not. and He is the Most High , The Most Great – Holy Quran | Surah Baqarah | 255.

who is allah quote form quran

Our Love for Allah can not be proved only by saying I love ALLAH. We must Follow the Quran And Sunnah as well.  Ibn Qayyim Said that there are then things that bring about the love of Allah.

  1. Recitation of Quran with reflection and with the understanding of its meaning.
  2. Seeking closeness to Allah by performing voluntary deeds after having performed obligatory ones, for that leads one to the highest levels of Love.
  3. Remember Allah during every situation – with one’s time, heart and deeds. one’s share of that love is to the degree of one’s share in that remembrance
  4. Prefer what He loves to what you love when your desires are strong.
  5. Allowing your heart to reflect on his Names and Attributes.
  6. Reflecting on His many favors and blessings. both the apparent ones and hidden ones, for that leads to his love.
  7. Having your heart softened as it is worshiping Allah.
  8. Being alone with him in worship when He descends During the last third of the night. And this means to invoke Him, to recite His speech, to stand with all sincerity and with good manners and with good submission, and then to end that with repentance and with seeking His forgiveness.
  9. Sitting with those who are truthful in their love of Allah
  10. Staying away from all that creates barriers between the heart and Allah.

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Beautiful Allah Quotes & Sayings About Life

Always remember! the is no situation that you are experiencing alone. Allah is always with you.

allah is always with you - quote

Allah is enough. !!!

Islamc Status for Ramadan

Regardless of what people say or think about you, just remember that the only one you have to please is Allah

allah images quotes

You want peace? Bow down to Allah put your forehead on the ground, Talk to him and pour your heart out, Reflect, regret and repent. – Abu Maryam

allah images with quotes about peace

But Allah is your protector and he is the best of helpers. – Surah Al Imran

allah is your best protector - quotes

Allah says – You may have someone in your mind, Someone in your heart, Someone in your dreams, Someone in your life but i am your someone when you have no one. #RealityCheck

allah photo quote

It’s worth it to lose everything for Allah rather than losing Allah for something. – Abu Maryam.

allah images with quotes for losing something

Why i never get what i want? “it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that you love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knows while you know not” – Al Quran – 2:216

allah picture quote

If Allah wills for it to happen it will happen don’t stress.

allah picture quotes

If Allah brings you to it, He will bring you through it.

allah images with quotes

If Allah loves you more than a Mother, You Shouldn’t be ashamed of crying to him like a baby.

allah pictures quotes

When you heart is braking and your pain make you fall: remember just remember Allah sees it all.

allah quote for broken heart

Never Think you can make better choices for yourself than Allah can, It is He who created you it is He who knows what is best for you.

allah quote

The Almighty is more merciful than a mother is to her child. So no matter what mistakes you’ve made return to him with regret and repent. – Mufti Menk

allah quotes about death with image

Keep your good deeds between you and Allah people aren’t going to provide you with Jannah only He Can.

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allah quotes about death

The beauty of Islam is that it’s never too late to ask ALLAH for forgiveness but we also have to remember you never know when you’ll die.

allah quotes about forgiveness

Allah Loves you more than you can ever love him.

allah quote about love

Those who happily leave everything in Allah’s hand. Will eventually see Allah’s hand in everything because worry ends where faith begins.

allah quote about faith

Admit your weakness & Allah will give you strength. Allah does not like arrogance. But he will empower the humble!

allah quote about being humble

As long as you are performing prayer you are knocking on the door of Allah, and whoever is knocking at the door of Allah, “Allah will open it from him.” – Ibn Qayyim

allah pictures with quotes

When Allah grants you a gift – Don’t take it for granted! you often don’t appreciate what you have until its gone!.

allah quotes about gift

The Heart made by Allah & for Allah Only – (I love Allah Quotes)

allah quotes about heart

If Allah is all you have. Then you have all you need.

allah quotes about life stages

Guilt is a gift from Allah warning you that what you are doing is violating you soul. – Norman Ali khan

allah quotes about love 2

Allah puts people in your life for a reason and removes them from your life for a better reason.

allah quotes about love

Allah Owns your happiness so don’t look for it far from him.

allah quotes tumblr

Put Allah first, and you will never be last.

allah quotes on life

No one besides Allah can rescue a soul from hardship – Quran [53:58]

allah quotes for hardship

Allah hears you heart intention, before your lips whisper your request. – yahya Adel Ibrahim.

allah quotes about request

Prayer is an amazing exchange you hand over your worries to Allah and Allah hands over his blessing to you.

allah quotes about prayers

The beauty behind loneliness is that you find out that to survive you don’t need anyone but Allah.

allah quotes with image

There is no might or power except with Allah

allah quotes with photo

It’s not luck or fate. It’s Allah’s perfect plan.

allah quotes with picture

Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in their hearts. – Quran verses 13:11

allah quran quotes

Allah Says: “Take one step towards me i will take ten steps towards you. walk towards me, i will run towards you. ” [Hadith Qudsi]

allah saying

My Life may not be going the way i Planned it, But it is going exactly the way Allah planned it.


The Sweetest time of the day is when you pray because you are talking to the one who loves you most.


Allah Has plan for you. You are exactly where he wants you right now.


If Allah subhana wa’ ta’ala can turn day into night then surely Allah can turn the darkness of our life into happiness and prosperity.

allah swt quotes

They plan, and Allah plans…. & Allah is the best of planners.

beautiful allah quotes

Allah made you a Muslim because he wants to see you in jannah. Allah you’ve to do is prove that you’re worthy of it.

being muslim quote

Until we realize that it is only Allah who is the source of Peace, we will never be able to attain true peace of mind.

blessings of allah quote

Allah still loves and shows mercy to those who disobey Him. so imagine how much He loves those who obey Him.

blessings of allah quotes with image

We Clean our house when we invite someone. we must clean our hearts if we want to invite Allah.

clean your heart for allah

The proof is in your actions when nobody can see you except Allah.

nobody can see you except allah

Allah will always make a way for you even when there seems to be no way out.

islamic allah quotes

Constantly holding something in your earth against a person is a disease trust Allah and let it go.


And do not lose hope in the mercy of Allah. Indeed nor lose hope in the mercy of Allah except the most ungrateful people. Quran 12:87

faith in allah quotes 2

Do your best & Allah will do the rest.

do your best and allah will do the rest

“To be able to thank Allah is a blessing within itself” – imam Shafi

thank you allah quotes

When you don’t understand what’s happening in your life, just close your eyes and take a deep breath and say. “Ya Allah, I know this is your plan, Just help me through it.”

thankful to allah quote

Get Close to Allah First before getting close to anyone else; Allah with out a man is still Allah, But a man without Allah is nothing.

ya allah quote

Allah knows When you’re trying and the only thing that counts on the day of judgement is sincerely being able to say to him “I tried my best”

ya allah quotes

Allah is my only Hope.

quote of allah

The poor man who is close to Allah is richer than the wealthiest man who is far from Allah.

thank you allah quotes 2

Allah knows The words you can not say, The Pain that no one knows, The sorrows no one sees. so keep your head up high His help in indeed near.

quotes of allah

Talk to Allah and tell him your problems because only he can solve them.


“Why wish upon a star? when you can pry to the one who created it. ”

quote images of allah

Hope you guys liked to Allah’s Quotes posted above kindly share your quotes with us in Comment. Jazzak Allah for giving your precious time to this most :)


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