How can We change The Negative Image of Muslim women in the Media?

How can We change The Negative Image of Muslim women in the Media

The International Media represent female in a quite different way as compared to men characters and they say they give equal rights to women. Specially the image is of Muslim women wearing hijab in media is terrifying. According to media Islam restrict women from doing many things and women are slave of their husband bla bla bla. But the truth is women rights in Islam are far better then any other religion. Its Islam that raised the status of Muslim women hundreds of years ago in world. Muslim Wives are responsibly for their husband not only in life but hereafter as well. No Media has right to compare whole religion with few people who don’t even follow Islam.

women rights in islam

I thank  Shaula Evans for writing a really useful post about improving the image of Muslim women in media. The following infographic will show you how does media uses a women and what kind of problem Muslim women are facing while presenting themselves a women.

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