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Missing iGoogle ? Make Your New Tab Page Useful with iChrome [Chrome Extension]

Missing iGoogle ? Make Your New Tab Page in Chrome Useful with iChrome

Do you remember iGoogle? Launched in 2005, well the photo (below)might remind you what igoogle looked like. let me tell you somthing more about iGoogle. it was a website that collected user information and presented it in an easy, accessible way. but google.com/ig now navigates directly to google regular search page.

Missing iGoogle ? Make Your New Tab Page in Chrome Useful with iChrome

Now Google introduce Chrome extension iChrome. for those who really miss iGoogle. well i suggest give it a try. i bet you will start liking iChrome. You can Users could customise the page with various widgets: clocks, to-do lists, weather, most popular YouTube videos, etc. iGoogle, despite being truly useful, wasn’t particularly popular and was eventually shut down in November this year. Now it is unofficially reborn as a Chrome extension called iChrome.

iChrome is not as customisable as iGoogle, but it offers a few interesting options. Apart from featuring Google’s new cards-inspired approach to design, the extension gives you an ability to decorate your new tab page with a number of widgets, such as list of installed Chrome apps, calendar, weather, traffic update and, of course, search. The last does not limit you to Google’s service only, you can set up your favourite search provider or go for Wolfram Alpha widget to have your math tasks solved in a blink of an eye. Additionally, iChrome can be personalised with themes and backgrounds.

iChrome is an extension available in Chrome Web Store for free. Configuring the app can be troublesome at first, but after a few clicks it is done and you can enjoy your new, beautiful start page.



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