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PMEGP Loan: Exploring the Scheme’s Potential for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs


Amidst the growth of small businesses across the country, another growth trend was observed. Nowadays, small businesses led by enthusiast women are growing immensely. In fact, in January 2024, a sudden and massive surge of 68.17% was recorded in the number of women-led businesses.

Well, the government has launched several financial backing programs to support such amazing initiatives. They are a great way to make MSME loan accessibility easier. Out of many, the PMEGP loan scheme continues to be one of the favourites when it comes to MSME funding. Let’s find out how it makes accessing the required funds seamless.

Understanding the PMEGP Loan Scheme

The Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) is a government initiative launched to support aspiring entrepreneurs in India.  Its primary goal is two-fold:

  • Promote Self-Employment: The scheme aims to empower individuals to set up their businesses, fostering self-reliance and economic independence.
  • Generate Employment: By encouraging new businesses, PMEGP indirectly contributes to increased job creation within the communities these businesses operate.

The Role of PMEGP Loan in Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurship is one of the economic growth’s success drivers. While contributing to economic growth, this govt scheme for small businesses has promoted social progress in India. With active participation of women in the entrepreneurial sector can significantly boost the economy. They bring diverse perspectives, innovative solutions, and a strong sense of community to the business world. Moreover, women-led businesses often focus on sustainable practices and social responsibility, contributing positively to society.

The Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) offers several specific benefits tailored to support women entrepreneurs:

  1. Higher Subsidy Rates: Women applicants under the PMEGP loan scheme receive a higher subsidy compared to their male counterparts. This increased financial support reduces the burden of loan repayment and encourages more women to venture into entrepreneurship.
  2. Reduced Financial Barrier: One of the biggest challenges faced by women entrepreneurs is access to adequate initial capital. Here, subsidies under government-backed loans can act as a significant financial boost. It lowers the upfront investment required to start a business. This makes it easier to bridge the initial funding gap and turn business ideas into reality.
  3. Priority in Selection: The scheme gives priority to all entrepreneurs, irrespective of their gender. This ensures better access to the benefits and resources available. This priority helps in addressing the gender gap in entrepreneurship and provides women with a fair chance to succeed.
  4. Training and Skill Development: The PMEGP loan scheme includes provisions for entrepreneurship development programmes and skill training. These training sessions can equip women with the necessary business skills, technical knowledge, and confidence to manage and grow their enterprises effectively.
  5. Improved Cash Flow Management: The government subsidy translates into a lower loan repayment amount for the entrepreneur. This eases the financial burden and frees up more cash flow for the business. Improved cash flow allows women entrepreneurs to better manage their day-to-day operational expenses, invest in marketing and growth initiatives, and build a financial safety net for their business.
  6. Supportive Networks and Mentorship: The PMEGP loan scheme often financially makes women entrepreneurs collaborate with organisations and networks to get mentorship and support. These networks help women entrepreneurs navigate challenges, access markets, and scale their businesses.
  7. Flexible Collateral Requirements: Women applicants may benefit from more flexible collateral requirements, making it easier for them to secure funding without extensive assets.

How to Apply for a Loan Under the PMEGP Scheme?

While it is advisable to begin a loan application in advance, however, when borrowing under a govt scheme for small businesses, you must be certified. In this case, you need a PMEGP certificate. Here’s how you can get it:

  1. Check Eligibility: Ensure you meet the PMEGP eligibility criteria. These criteria include age, educational qualifications, and the business plan intended to borrow a loan.
  2. Prepare a Project Report: Create a detailed project report outlining your business idea, objectives, financial projections, and how the loan will be utilised. This report is crucial for the PMEGP loan application process.
  3. Register Online: Visit the official PMEGP e-portal and complete the online registration form with your personal and business details.
  4. Submit Required Documents: Upload the necessary documents, including ID proof, address proof, educational certificates, project report, and other relevant documents, as specified on the portal.
  5. Application Review: The application, once submitted, will be reviewed by the District Industries Centre (DIC), the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), or the Khadi and Village Industries Board (KVIB). It depends on your location and the nature of your business.

Post obtaining the PMEGP certificate, you can borrow a loan from various financial institutions. These institutions consist of 27 public sector banks, all of the regional rural banks, and co-operative banks.

All of them must be approved by the State Level Task Force Committee, which is headed by the Principal Secretary (Industries)/Commissioner (Industries). Another important body of India’s financial industry is the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), which must validate any financial institution to lend.

Get Funded with a Govt Scheme for Small Businesses Today!

The PMEGP scheme emerges as a valuable government initiative, particularly for aspiring women entrepreneurs in India. While it offers a compelling option, it’s important to consider its every aspect to leverage them fully. Here, HDFC Bank can be of real help to you. They are one of the popular MSME banks, facilitating every entrepreneur’s financial requirements.

They help with everything, from getting certified for a PMEGP loan to providing a loan under this scheme. Embrace the power of knowledge and available resources with careful planning, dedication, and the support of HDFC Bank today!

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