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Three Important Questions About Hybrid Work

Three Important Questions About Hybrid Work

Hybrid work has been taking some space in the corporate realm. Here, managers should offer mixed work models that let people work from home and in the office. This way, they can get the best of both worlds. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about this growing trend in work arrangements and have many questions. You can find the answers to three questions below. These will help you understand mixed work better and make it work for you and your teams.

Three Important Questions About Hybrid Work

What is the best way to do hybrid work?

Find a way to combine your workers’ needs and your business’s primary goals.

You can start by asking your workers essential questions. It will help you determine whether they need a hybrid work model. It will also inform you how they want to work in the future. Are your workers likely to quit if they can’t do hybrid work? That’s something you should find out. This is a crucial step to take to avoid surprisingly high change rates. Then, ask them what the best mix of office-based and remote days is, what jobs need to be done in the office, and which ones can be done from home.

After getting this helpful information, review all the answers and make a good Hybrid Work Policy with clear and relevant answers and rules. Use this policy to spell out the times and steps you need your workers to be in the office. It can be training new team members, working with people from other teams, or developing new ideas and solutions. You can change these rules to help your workers and your business.  You can determine what remote and office-based days work best for your teams through the trial time. Companies are using tools like Controlio monitoring software for employees to ensure that everything is in balance.

How to Make Sure Everyone Feels Welcome in a Hybrid Workplace?

The problem of inclusion can be challenging to solve in a hybrid workplace. You should allow your workers to work from home when most convenient. You can do this in two ways: pooling or rotating resources or giving people the chance to learn from home. Specific teams and workers must switch jobs during the workweek for pooling and rotating work. If five IT pros work in a Control Room, you can let two of them work from home one or two days a week while the others cover for them. They can switch weeks until everyone on the team has the same number of days they can work from home. Digitizing many business tasks is another way to make room for your staff to work from home. If you still have workers whose jobs require them to be in the office, you can give them the chance to learn and train from home. Ensuring your employees can improve their skills and grow professionally while working from home will make your company feel more welcoming.

How can you help your employees get used to a hybrid workplace?

Many workers need time and help getting used to the hybrid work model, even though it’s one of the best ways to improve their working conditions.There should be clarity and no chance of colliding projects and tasks. Let your employees know what tools they can use to get work done and work together well in a hybrid work setting.

Along with ensuring that teams work well together, you need to find a way to track hybrid workers’ success so they can stay very productive. This is where good employee monitoring software can help. It can show you minute-by-minute how they spend their work hours. You can look at this data to find and eliminate specific productivity obstacles to your teams. This will help your remote and office-based teams handle their time and work better.


You already know how hybrid work can help your teams. Most people who work from home do so because they can spend more time with their families and friends and save money by not dealing with traffic and traveling. Follow the answers to the questions to make your hybrid work more productive.

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