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Two Options How to Make Video Quality better With AI automation & Manual Editing


To be creative with your video-making process, you don’t have to be technically skilled or professionally experienced. All you need to know is the steps of how to make video quality better and get the crafted video.


Since video quality is the soul of any video, you can’t compromise the quality when you want to reach the masses with a specific message. From promotional videos, blogging videos, and YouTube videos to travel shoots, homemade videos, and DVD collections, you can improve the video quality of any video using a suitable video enhancer and share it with your friends or social media platforms. So, before trying the two most authentic options of how to make a video better quality, let’s see the main motto of enhancing video quality.

What is The Main Motto of Making Video Quality Better?

Getting ultimate visual satisfaction is the main motto of improving video quality. However, certain factors also depend on the video quality. So, let’s look at the significant reasons for enhancing video quality.

  • High-quality video appeals to maximum viewers
  • It conveys the content & messages of any very clearly to the masses
  • It helps to improve your SEO ranking in Google or YouTube search
  • Attractive videos are engaging and get the maximum number of shares, likes, and views
  • It helps in building brands, expanding online business, and increasing website traffic while attracting more visitors
  • To increase social media followers
  • To transform old & outdated DVDs, movies, homemade videos, etc with high video quality

Option 1: How to make video quality better on Windows: With UniFab AI Video Enhancer

If you don’t want to go through any manual video-enhancing process, the automatic algorithm of UniFab AI Video Enhancer will enhance video quality up to 4K with HDR10 or Dolby Vision support with a few clicks. It transforms any SDR video to HDR with automatic adjustment of color gamut, brightness, contrast, and saturation. So, let’s see how to make a video better quality using some advanced features.

Powerful Functions

  • Explore audio upmixing up to DTS 7.1 or EAC3 5.1
  • Convert large file size into small size with lossless compression to make the file compatible with various devices and platform
  • Explore 1000+ audio-video formats support to select the correct format depending on your device’s specifications and storage space availability
  • Multiple Toolkit to offer extensive video editing experience with mirroring, flipping, sharpening, etc
  • Use denoising & deinterlacing to remove blur, shake, unwanted artifacts, etc.

Steps of How to make video quality better with UniFab AI Video Enhancer

Step 1: Open the UniFab program on your Windows PC by double-clicking the UniFab icon.

Step 2: Select the “Enlarge” option in the left function panel > Start adding the video to the main interface to improve its quality.

Step 3: To achieve the desired video quality in the output, you must select the audio track, resolution, format, etc.

Step 4: Then select the “Start” option to initiate the video quality enhancement process and enjoy the improved video quality at lightning speed.

Option 2: How to make a video better quality on Mac: With iMovie

 How to make a video better quality on Mac With iMovie

If you are a Mac user, the free video editing built-in iMovie app could be your best option with multiple customizable functions. While correcting colors or brightness it can let you remove digital or background noise to get clear and crisp video images in high quality. While improving video, iMovie allows you to use multiple built-in sound effects, including adding music soundtracks and voiceover recording options. So, let’s look at the other phenomenal features of iMovie for your video quality-improving process.

Powerful Functions

  • It supports shake stabilization to reduce camera shake or judder
  • Ready-to-use video transitions with swap, fade, slide, cube, etc
  • Multi-clio video effects with split screen option
  • Background removing function with picture-in-picture effects
  • Green or blue screen to cut any visually disturbing element from the video
  • Control video speed while making it fast or in slow motion


How to make a better video quality with iMovie

Step 1: Open the iMovie app on your MacBook > Pick the video clip that you prefer to improve the video quality in the browser or the timeline.

Step 2: Go to the adjustment bar at the top of the “Viewer” option. Your selected video’s quality will be improved automatically.

Step 3: The auto-adjusted options will be automatically highlighted in the adjustment bar to show what parameters have been used to improve your selected video quality.


If you don’t know how to make video quality better, instead of selecting any manual video editing process, it’s always best to use the AI-algorithm of UniFab AI Video Enhancer. Without video editing skills, experience, or knowledge, it transforms your video from nothing to everything in a few seconds.

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