Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Back Support Pillow for Chair

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Back Support Pillow for Chair

Prolonged and incorrect sitting can trigger lower back in people. One of the ways to resolve this problem is by providing support to the lumbar spine. Back support pillow for chair is a product that can help in this regard. It maintains the spine’s natural curvature, thereby preventing long-term back pain. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of a back support pillow and the reasons to invest in one.

Why Does Your Posture Matter?

Poor sitting posture might result from day-to-day activities, like prolonged sitting in office chairs, hunching while using a cell phone, driving for long, and other activities. It can quickly become second nature, causing back pain and damaging spinal structures.

Research estimates that incorrect posture is one of the major risk factors for lower back pain, affecting over 25% of the working population annually. Unfortunately, this is the case for most of us.  Thankfully, the primary factors affecting ergonomics and posture are within your control and can be changed easily.

Maintaining good posture is one of the things you can control, which minimizes the effects of long-time sitting and immobilization. Body support products like the back support pillow for chair that can help in this case.

Top Reasons to Invest in a Back Support Pillow for Chair

With the right back support pillow for chair, you can rectify your normal sitting position to ensure optimal support to the lumbar region.

Here are 5 reasons to use lumbar support pillows for your office chair:

1. Proper Support to Your Backbone

Back support pillows conform to the shape of your back due to the presence of memory foam material. They support your lumbar spine when you use them as back support or a back cushion.

2. Posture Correction

Correct posture is crucial for the overall strength and health of your back. Poor posture leads to tension and strain, which can cause long-term back pain and discomfort. Lumbar pillows help break the habit of slouching when you sit, thereby maintaining the natural curvature of your spine.

3. Minimizing Sciatica Pain

The sciatica nerve runs down the lower back and the back of your legs. When there is immense pressure on the sciatica nerve, it leads to back pain. One of the significant culprits of sciatica pain is extended sitting.

An orthopedic cushion or proper back support pillow for chair can help ease back pain or sciatica pain. Lumbar support pillows also prevent hip and pelvic pain caused by straining of the oblique muscles on your back. Ergonomic back support pillows fill the gap between your lumbar back and the chair. This position supports your muscles, evenly distributes your weight, and relaxes your overworked muscles.

4. Ease of Performing Tasks

Prolonged sitting damages the soft tissues surrounding your spine and leads to long-term back pain. This can affect your productivity in the office and makes it difficult to perform everyday tasks.

Using a lumbar support pillow relieves the pain, and you can work efficiently.

5. Preventing Further Damage

Lumbar strength is crucial for a healthy spine. Not taking the right measures may aggravate the pain and affect other parts of the body eventually. Hence, it is advised to try a lumbar support pillow before you start taking painkillers and undergo invasive procedures to resolve this issue.

How to Position the Back Support Pillow for Your Chair?

Correcting the placement of your lumbar support pillow is important in experiencing its immense benefits. The aim is to sustain the inherent S-shaped curve of the spine, preventing the slouch due to prolonged sitting.

To achieve this, position the orthopedic support pillow against the contour of your lower back at belt level so that it fits properly between your lumbar region and the chair. When you do so, the support cushion supports your lumbar curve rather than creeping up into your mid-back or slipping down to the hips.

The Science Behind Lumbar Support and Spine Health

The wide range of orthopedic lumbar support products that make use of advanced engineering based on scientific principles. These back support pillows mitigate different types of back pain, ranging from compression of spinal nerves to the overall stress on ligaments and muscles.

Advanced lumbar support pillows benefit professionals required to sit for long, fitness enthusiasts, individuals suffering from chronic pain, and even athletes. Lumbar pillows also benefit individuals suffering from herniated discs or sciatica as they effectively embrace the inward curvature of the lower spine, delivering essential support.

Lumbo Back Rest or support pillow uses adjustable straps to deliver maximum versatility. Moreover, these support pillows have the right thickness for maximum comfort.

Best ortho care products like Lumbo Back Rest deploy safety certifications. This ascertains that you are choosing an orthopedic product that is well-known for its high standards of reliability and effectiveness.


The modern lifestyle does not allow significant movement. Thankfully, you can work towards improving your health by using products to correct your sitting posture. As you invest in some ergonomically designed products that you can minimize long-term wear & tear on your bones & muscles.

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