How Does a Higher Diploma in Accounting Compare to a Bachelor’s Degree?

How Does a Higher Diploma in Accounting Compare to a Bachelor's Degree?

A Higher Diploma in Accounting in Singapore can be one of the best ways you can fast-track your career. Singaporean Diplomas from reputed institutes can rival bachelor’s degrees in accounting however, a diploma is not the same as a bachelor’s degree.

There are differences between a higher diploma in accounting when compared to a bachelor’s degree.

This article will show you the key differences between a higher diploma in accounting versus a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

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What is the difference between a higher diploma and a bachelor’s degree?

A Higher Diploma and a Bachelor’s degree are both academic qualifications, but they differ in several key aspects:

1. Level of Study: A Higher Diploma is typically a post-secondary qualification that falls between a professional certificate course and a Bachelor’s degree. It’s often pursued after completing secondary education (high school) or after obtaining a certificate or diploma.

A Bachelor’s Degree is an undergraduate degree typically pursued after completing secondary education. It’s usually a four-year program, although in some countries, it can be completed in three years.

2. Depth and Breadth of Study: A Higher Diploma usually focuses on a specific field or area of study and provides a more concentrated education in that area.

A Bachelor’s Degree is broader in scope and provides a more comprehensive education, combining general education requirements with courses specific to the chosen major.

3. Employment and Further Education: A Higher Diploma may qualify individuals for certain entry-level positions or roles within specific industries or fields.

A Bachelor’s Degree is often required for many professional positions and serves as a foundation for further education, such as pursuing a Master’s degree or higher.

4. Credits and Duration: Higher Diplomas typically require fewer credits and a shorter duration of study compared to Bachelor’s degrees.

5. Recognition: Bachelor’s degrees are generally more widely recognised and accepted as academic qualifications compared to Higher Diplomas, especially in international contexts.

Is a higher diploma in accounting better than a bachelor’s degree?

It depends on your existing qualifications. If you already have a diploma in accounting and wish to pursue a higher educational qualification, a higher diploma can be your best pick.

However, if you are just out of high school and wish to obtain a higher diploma, you will have to go through the regular diploma first. Once you complete your regular diploma you would even be eligible for admission into bachelor’s degrees in accounting.

A Diploma in accounting from a reputed institute can be far more effective in helping students break into the job market faster than a bachelor’s degree due to focused study, career-oriented curriculum industry-relevant studies and practical understanding focus.

So, it truly depends on your circumstance and situation when it comes to deciding if a higher diploma is better than a bachelor’s degree for you.

In summary, while both Higher Diplomas and Bachelor’s Degrees are valuable qualifications, they serve different purposes and may lead to different career opportunities and educational pathways. Sign up today to learn more!

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