Features of a Good Christian Private School for Your Kids

Features of a Good Christian Private School for Your Kids

Getting a good Christian private school for your kids might seem challenging, especially in our world today. But what makes for a good Christian private school? In this article, we’ll reveal a few features that a good Christian private school must have. Let’s begin, shall we?

Commitment to and Emphasis on the Faith

An institution shouldn’t be termed “Christian” if it’s not committed to and emphasizes the faith. After all, parents who send their kids to such academies want them to be closer to the faith.

Part of the school’s commitment and emphasis on faith will be seen in its integration into the daily routines and activities. A typical example is offering daily Bible study classes that each student must be part of. Another way to do this is to engage the kids in personal, face-to-face conversations about their faith and struggles. Participation in groups where extracurricular activities are centered around faith is another way to go about this integration.

Educational Value

The fact that it is a Christian establishment shouldn’t make it less academically sound. Being religiously affiliated should spur the institution’s administration to place a premium on academic excellence. The regulations for private educational institutions are not as strict as those for public institutions. Nevertheless, a Christian establishment shouldn’t use that as an opportunity to be less academically successful.

The fact that there is less regulation offers these institutions more opportunities to be flexible with the curriculum. With this approach, even if the subject is English, Math, History, etc., the teacher can integrate the subject of faith into the teaching. With such an approach, the children get the best educational value, filled with godly ideals.

Progressive Childhood Development

Kids learn at different paces. Some are quick to understand things, while others need some time. Some are very conventional in their thinking, while others are very unconventional. Therefore, a learning institution must understand this and have a structure that caters to all kinds of development. There must be an opportunity for a student to focus on areas they excel in rather than trying to make them conform to a certain mold.

One advantage of private institutions is a smaller teacher-to-student ratio. In other words, the number of students in a class is fewer compared to what’s normal in public schools. This smaller size allows the teachers to pay attention to each student and help them develop at their own pace and style.

Therefore, when choosing a Christian private school, make sure the class size is small. If a school has so many kids in a class, you might as well send your children to a public educational academy. You can check out Generations Christian Academy to see what the average class size should be. Furthermore, you need to ensure that the teachers are trained to deal with each child as an individual in terms of their development.



The power of positive reinforcement has proven to be effective. Therefore, as you look for an institution to enroll your children, find one that has taken time to create a positive environment. The institution must not have a history of continuous harassment and bullying. When these positive elements are in place, it will help your child develop well while enjoying their faith in Christ.


The details the school’s administration shares with you concerning your child and the state of the academy display their level of transparency. In other words, you must be carried along and fully involved in your child’s development and the school’s activities. Therefore, there must be a level of connection between the school and not just your child but with you as well.


The name of the Lord remains a strong tower where we can run into and be safe, yet we mustn’t be irresponsible and fail to play our part. In recent times, we’ve seen so much violence in our country’s school systems. You can check out this post to find out some disturbing statistics about gun violence in schools in the U.S. This insecurity has made some parents withdraw their children and homeschool them.

Therefore, when looking for a Christian private school, you need to ensure that they have adequate safety practices in place. Do they have security guards and systems? How quickly can they get emergency services over to the school? These are just a few questions for which you need to find answers.


Enrolling your child in a Christian private school allows them to enjoy a top-level education while being closer to the faith. While this is a wise move, you need to make sure that the institution is perfect for your child. In the article above, we’ve discussed in detail six features of a good Christian private school to help you choose wisely.

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